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The beautiful girlfriend of "Daniel San" 33 years after the premiere of "Karate Kid"

It's been 33 years since we first lived the romance of "Daniel San" in the feature film "Karate Kid". It was one of the most talked about premieres of 1984 and today we continue to enjoy this film on television, as they retransmit it repeatedly. As for us, its characters have also suffered over the years. Although to some, as it is to "Elisabeth Shue" (54) , it cannot be said that it has affected her much. Here in this article we will show you what the actress looks like today.

But before talking about her look, let's find out about her beginnings a little bit. A career of Elisabeth Shue began completely by accident. Looking for additional sources of income, Shue reported to the advertising agency and got a job as an actress in television commercials. She appeared in many productions of this type, she praised products of Burger King and Hellmann. She was noticed by film producers and in 1984 she made her debut on the big screen in the hit "Karate Kid".

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Ralph George Macchio born November 4, 1961 in Huntington, Long Island, New York is an American actor and film and television producer. Daniel LaRusso from the Karate Kid film series gained the greatest fame. He began his career with appearances in American television commercials. In the fifth season of the ABC series, Eight Is Enough, received the main role of Jeremy Andretti. On the big screen, he made his debut as Chooch Bambalazi in the youth comedy Up the Academy starring Ian Wolfe. In 1983, he played his first memorable role of Johnny Cade in the movie Francis Ford Coppola The Outsiders alongside such actors as Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon.

"Karate Kid"

With this film, we get hooked on the romance of the young Daniel Larusso and Ali. For those who do not remember, the boy has his new place of residence in California with his mother. There he shares a neighborhood with Miyagi, who is a master of martial arts. He begins to teach him everything he knows in order to reach the local karate championship. It turns out to be during this time that our protagonist knows the girl and after many adventures both fall in love for the first time.

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A cinematic debut

We must recognize that the actress played a very important role in the trilogy of "Karate Kid", she had one of the leading roles. The certain thing is that this was the first putting in the great screen of Elisabeth and triumphed. She was overflowing with talent and the cameras adored her to such a point of having shared later several television projects with big movie stars, just like Tom Cruise was. Today, at 54, she has left behind her first steps on the big screen and is totally focused on a new project, her great participation in Deathwish.

Upcoming adventures

It happened on August 4, that the actress announced that in 2018 will launch the new project that we mentioned above. Deathwish will consist of 10 episodes, at least this first season, and will not last more than thirty minutes. Of vital importance is to know that only and exclusively will be issued through YouTube Red. The star will share a screen with the great Bruce Willis as well as with Jack Kesy, among others. No doubt this short film promises and we will not be the ones who miss it.

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30 years of cinema

After her debut, both directors and producers wanted her to participate in her new projects and obviously, there were many that she could not refuse. She did the odd television show after the success of "Cocktail" that began the popularity on a large scale. She has also starred opposite Nicolas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas" or with Kevin Bacon in "The Man Without Shadow." Inevitably, she has deserved each and every one of her nominations for best actress of the Oscars.

Combining television

Her role as Julie Finlay in "CSI" has been crucial in her career. She has performed for 70 episodes between 2002 and 2015. However, Elisabeth has been able to combine it with other blockbusters. She was always clear that her participation in "Back to the Future" as Marty McFly's girlfriend and later would not be her last performances in feature films. She was born to perform and today she continues to demonstrate it to us. She appeared in "Battle of the Se*es" with Steve Carell and Emma Stone proving to be as good at her job as the first day.

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Sentimental evolution

She is currently married to film director Davis Guggenheim, although the alarms jumped when some photos were published in October of last year where she appeared kissing with the handsome Bruce Willis. The truth is that they were stolen while shooting "Deathwish" in Montreal. Elisabeth is very happy with her current husband and three children: Miles, Stela, and Agnes. Shue has never given reason to doubt her fidelity, although it is evident that with her great beauty and intelligence, who would want to let her escape?

Lifting passions

If the 50 are the new 40, Shue feels the 54 as well as the 21 she had in "Karate Kid." It can be said that she has practically been the perfect girlfriend for three decades and now that she dedicates herself as much as possible to her family, a mother who remains magnificent. She has shot 40 films and has been one of the most sensual symbols on the planet, it would be impossible to say that after these years we still do not like her as much as the first day.

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