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9 Ridiculous facts that Leonardo DiCaprio revealed about himself

One of the best actors and a man who most women can't resist. You may dream about moving to Hollywood to spot him but if you meet him, what would you talk about? In this case, it’s better to know something that you may not have heard about. Some things will shock you as it’s not what tabloids publish on their first pages. You already know he has received his longed-awaited Oscar, but now let’s find out what other secrets this talented actor once revealed.

1. Confirmed bachelor

1. Confirmed bachelor

He is like Casanova, who is always surrounded by women who adore him. His charming good looks and seductive blue eyes can be irresistible. Despite the fact that he dated hundreds of pretty girls, he has never been married. A lot of celebrities, like Blake Lively and Naomi Campbell, also couldn’t resist him. The actor especially likes beautiful models and was once engaged to Bar Refaeli (Israeli model) and Kelly Rohrbach (American model), but fortunately (for ladies!) he didn't tie the knot.

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1. Confirmed bachelor 1

2. German speaker

If you only speak German then you still have the chance to strike up a conversation with this adorable actor. His mum was born in Germany and his father is half German and half Italian. DiCaprio had a pretty tough childhood when he often spotted crime and violence but he is still very close to his mother who taught him German and this language is still an important part of his life and family heritage.

3. Nearly dead

The Hollywood actor was in South Africa during his diving expedition. He was just scuba diving, and suddenly a big shark jumped into the cage he was in. It was chasing tuna and accidentally got inside the cage. Despite the fact that only half of it was inside it was trying to bite the actor, who managed to keep calm, stayed at the bottom and luckily got away. Leo will probably never look at sharks the same way again.

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4. Attacked again

This time not by a frightening shark but a Canadian woman, Aretha Wilson. The gatecrasher, who appeared at the same party as Leo, was looking for her ex and despite a few requests to leave she stayed and suddenly hit DiCaprio with a broken beer bottle. He had to have the wound stitched and bought cosmetics to cover the scars. The woman was accused of assault and ordered not to appear within 500 yards of the actor.

2. German speaker

5. Adopted a child?

While filming Blood Diamond he worked with orphans and was very touched by the stories of poor children who suffered from poverty and ongoing wars. He was particularly moved by one African girl’s story with whom he made friends. Well, he didn’t take her home to care about her every day but Leo declared to keep in touch with her and send her money to pay for costly living expenses. Isn’t it cute?

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6. Never tried drugs?

Well, not in real life. He confessed to never doing drugs in one of his interviews for Los Angeles Times. That’s quite hard to believe if you remember the scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street and how he actually behaved there. However, he also admits that drugs are always tempting when you are constantly criticized or when you just want to relax at the parties. Yet, he saw lots of victims of this addiction and says NO to drugs.

7. Earth comes first

Did you know he is an eco-friendly freak? You would probably expect this superrich actor owns his own line of luxurious cars. But ineed, he doesn’t care. He owns an eco friendly car and refuses to have his private planes. Even during his Oscar speech he talked about the planet and people's impact on its condition. He is also really generous when it comes to coral reefs and endangered species. Leo donates a lot of money to protect the nature and often hosts events and galas to make people aware of the problems.

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8. His own coffee?

Do you know someone who likes both sweet flavored coffee and Leonardo DiCaprio? Great! You found the perfect gift for them. Leo collaborates with La Colombe, a famous coffee company in the USA, and 100% profits from this project go to Leonardo’s foundation which takes care of the environment. Of course, the coffee’s source is secure for the Earth and Leo often emphasizes that this enterprise can make people aware that we have to take care of the place where we live.

9. Art lover

Would you say he is so in love with art? That’s surprising but he is an art freak to such extent that he even bought Salvador Dali’s masterpiece, Chevaliers en Parade, and he spent $1.2 million on that! He also wanted to buy Picasso’s paintings but his rivals from the auction offered more money. Indeed, he loves surreal and unusual artworks and he is also the owner of a modern artist’s, Jean-Michel Basquiat, paintings.

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