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Published 2018-02-08
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7 Things you should NEVER do in bed!

The bed is one of the places where we spend more time. Adequate rest is essential to have a full life with optimal performance. Experts recommend a sleep of about 7 to 9 hours for adults. In this modern world in which we lead a busy life, sleeping is one of the pending subjects for many. But not only the amount of time is essential, you also need to avoid really harmful habits...

7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 1

At night, our body must rest and disconnect from the hard routine to which we submit (including the brain), which is why if we spend the night unsatisfactorily, we can contract several evils. For example, weight gain, mood swings and even serious disorders such as insomnia, which can make us more likely to get various conditions.
In today's article, we will show you 7 habits that you would have to eliminate or reduce when you go to your bed. Keep reading to know them all.

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1. The first of all is the one that most people practice, without knowing that it can be very harmful to their health. It's about sleeping with our technological devices like cell phones or electronic tablets near us. These devices make us always aware of whether they need for you to be online or if they have sent us a message. It can even make you wake up at dawn with such concern or even during the night. In the same way, devices such as cell phones contain very dangerous radiation that should not be taken carelessly.

7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 3

2. This point is a classic one. It is another visual device, a television. Observing the "silly box" before entering the dream is malign in many cases and for many reasons. First of all, this custom causes our brain to continue attending and be affected by the seen or heard and cannot fully relax. There are a large number of people who cannot fall asleep without having a TV in the background. However, it would be best to turn it off at least one hour before going to the bed.

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7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 4

3. In the third place, we talk about something that usually goes unnoticed, but that influences in the same way in our psychology and in the same way in our phase of reverie. It is something that can happen when we share our bed with someone, usually our partner. Discussing is a habit that can lead to health problems if things do not improve. The bed of a bow should be a "sacred" place, which will only be used for love.

7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 5

4. Once again we come back to the almost indispensable telephones. How many of us check the cell phone before "disconnecting" from the world? Like television, the brightness of these devices can affect your hours of lethargy, which would ideally be used in moderation. If you usually surf the Internet, you should know that the Internet is full of entertainment that can make us spend hours without us noticing. So keep in mind the time you want to go to sleep and respect it. Whoever is free from sin, should take a good nap.

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7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 6

5. Sleep should never be associated with work. According to a recent study conducted at Harvard University, more than two-thirds of the young population are those who come to work in their beds. This is very unfortunate since our brain assumes that our place of lethargy is also a place where we can work and both activities are crossed and confused. In this way, both we and our brain are confused mistaking the place to work with a place to rest.

7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 7

6. The penultimate point on our list refers to the action of eating in bed. This will cause you to experience heaviness in your last hours of the day and to enter the sleep phase in the worst way. Depending on what you eat and how much you can have up to nightmares. Every action necessary for our life is better to be isolated than to be attended, enjoy it and perform it perfectly. The best we have reserved for the end.

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7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 8

7. Pets in bed are also something to debate. The usual small mammals with which we usually share our beds can become one of the factors that make our sleepiness precarious. Many times they generate annoying sounds, something like the snoring of humans. As much as we love them, it would be better to provide them with their own cot where they can be more comfortable.

7 Things you should NEVER do in bed! 9

So we came to the end of the list of the worst actions we should avoid to sleep properly. How many of the habits that we have talked about you often do? Do you have problems when staying overnight? If you are reading this in bed, we recommend that you turn off your cell phone... The best thing is that you try these customs and if your condition lasts, you go to a medical expert. We hope we have served at least some useful information.

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