Published 2016-12-20
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If you love watching Bigg Boss, you should know this

One of the most famous reality TV shows in India is Bigg Boss. It has gained its popularity since the show's first season that was aired a decade ago. Every year, the house, which is exclusively built for the show, is decorated differently according to a particular theme for that season. The house is usually equipped with a kitchen, bedrooms, gym, swimming pool, a big lawn/garden where the inmates can relax.

By the sound of it, the Bigg Boss house seems to be a place that’s fun and relaxing. But we all know that’s not the case. We all love to watch the show for it’s over the top drama, fights, and screams. Love it so much that we watch it year after year. It’s probably because what we see is real, at least that’s what we’re told. It’s so much better and different than the soap opera dramas. Here we’ve listed some of the things you might have not known about the famous reality show.

Contestants do not cook or clean

Well, this is one thing we didn’t expect. Being secluded and in house arrest, we thought they will be at least making their own food and cleaning after themselves. Apparently not. But we guess these pampered elites doing common chores will be more of a disaster than anything. The production house has hired help, who does all the cooking and cleaning. We are never shown those bits on TV to make it seem like they’ve to do everything on their own. We’ve been fooled.

House is located in a secluded area

The house is set on the outskirts of Mumbai city, Lonavla. With its scenic beauty, it’s a perfect location for a getaway, away from all the rush and chaos of a city. But it’s quite unfortunate for these celebrities who are trapped in the confines of the house and is not able to get out and enjoy the panoramic view. However, that’s what makes it fun about the show! Seeing them get frustrated without technology and away from life.

No privacy

The house has more or less 80 cameras which watch the every smallest move of the participants in the house. The cameras are robotic for both outdoors and indoors, and tracks every movement that takes place. It’s a little creepy considering the fact that not only a few people who work behind Bigg Boss but the entire nation is watching their every move. They have no privacy whatsoever, that sometimes they hide behind sofas, where the cameras don’t reach or even go to the restrooms to let off steam or shed few tears. And we complain when our parents don’t give us privacy at home…..

Alcohol in the house

Even if they say alcohol is prohibited, there are some contestants that need alcohol in their system to get their day going. You’ll be surprised to know that this need of theirs is met by disguising alcohol in juice packets. They carry it around in their sippers, which makes us completely oblivious to their tipsy-ness. We wonder if this is one of the reasons why the contestants are always so worked up in the show.

House is haunted

We do not know how far this is true, but being in a hill station, in the midsts of green valleys, it is possible that the house could be haunted. Apparently, several contestants had complained of ghostly sightings and activities. It is said that they could hear unexplained sounds and movements in the house. Is it strange we’re not one bit scared of what is happening in that house? With so many cameras, at least one of the “ghosts” should’ve been sighted, and it’s obvious with so many people in one house that it cannot be pin drop silence.

Sets around the house

During a season, the house receives several guests, inside and outside the house. Media and press for all the inside gossip and drama and celebrities that come to promote their movies. They also have a temporary studio outside the house from where talk shows of the celebrities who come to visit the contestants are recorded and aired.

There have always been doubts if Bigg Boss has been scripted because it seems unlikely that the contestants can have so many conflicts during a show, and with each episode, they just seem to get bigger and bigger. The Indian EXPRESS spoke to the guru of Bollywood PR to help answer some of our questions about the show. “ Big Boss is edited not scripted”, he confirmed.

He said how he interacts with the contestants in the house and revealed that he has secret codes to communicate with them. Dale also said how he manipulates the media for his clients. Since it’s very difficult to show the viewers everything that happens in 45 mins, he said that the team decides what to show depending on the TRP (target rating point) the contestant gives them.
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Bhumika Chheda
Bhumika Chheda 1/10/17, 7:07 AM
Alcohol in the house? That answers a few questions
Anhad Aggarwal
Anhad Aggarwal 1/10/17, 7:07 AM
Hehehhee thenks Khushi Jain
Deepali Bansal
Deepali Bansal 1/10/17, 7:07 AM
Akshit Puri I guess you'll be shocked to read all this
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Simran Talreja 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
Dhruvi Jhunjhunwala Yash Shroff Dhiren Gwalani
Debalina Winchester
Debalina Winchester 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
If you love watching Big Boss then you should start re-evaluating your life.
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Tania Hemdev 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
Sound effects Kya de raha hai
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Chintan Jain 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
Bhumika Chheda Pratishtha Jain Pratik Shah Shreya Daga Shah Gaurav Jain
Bhumika Chheda
Bhumika Chheda 1/10/17, 7:07 AM
Alcohol in the house? That answers a few questions
Harita Chatterji
Harita Chatterji 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
Bhakti Shukla Shub Chatterji Reena Chatterji
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Vishal Shukla 1/9/17, 7:07 AM
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Neeraj Singh Rajwar
Neeraj Singh Rajwar 1/8/17, 7:07 AM
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What is bigg boss? Can't relate sorry
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Palak Jain 1/7/17, 7:07 AM
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Debraj Das 1/7/17, 7:07 AM
its not true ...i think.
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Ritu Jogal 1/7/17, 7:07 AM
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