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What does he mean when he says "I LOVE YOU", according to his ZODIAC sign...

A study by the University of Chicago determined four years ago showed that men were more likely to be the first who say "I love you" in a sentimental relationship than women. With a difference of up to 6 weeks, two-thirds of those surveyed said they had done so. For many of them, it is a way to get bedtimes with ladies, because for them, it is a sign of stability and confidence (all this generalizing). But how can the birthday of your boyfriend and the stars influence his behavior? Find out below...


When he says this special phrase, for the Aries, it actually means: "I adore you passionately and I love you madly, but all the emotion I profess to you can change instantly if you won't keep me intrigued." Such men love "chasing" for affection and if they do not perceive them, they will be bored in a short time, and leave breaking all that you had built up to date. Does it sound familiar? Remember that it does not have to be precise for every single person...

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The moment he utters these words, the Taurus thinks: "I had very little time to fully trust in you and to offer you my heart, but I just need to be absolutely sure that you will not hurt me." It will be a long time before they open entirely toward his partner and deeply love her by "letting himself fall." They need to have a proof, and it's not something you can show him in any moment. If you are interested in him, be patient...


Those born at this time of year consider this sentence as a way to convey that with you they feel free, and they do not need to impress you or change their way of being to please you. You accept them and they feel it even if they act in a reciprocal way. They are individuals with no problem to socialize, but at the moment of exposing their emotions, the thing changes and they behave more selectively. They are themselves, with their virtues and defects...

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Cancer has stood out because of the care they always have in dealing with others and the wounds people can cause them. As much as men are prone to say "I love you" earlier than women as we mentioned in the introduction, surely for a Cancer is not just a sentence. They would not tolerate losing someone they love, they will fight for love with all their strength, and they will not take a false further step if they do not feel anything. So if he tells you "I love you" it's because he believes it deeply.


When Leo mentions these two words it means that he sees you as a being with whom he shares the most intimate situations of his life and by who he grows as a person. You have earned a place in his hard heart, a privilege that he does not offer to almost anyone. You may know that Leos often have high egos and that they are very self-confident. If he conveys to you that you are important to him and that he is in love, he values you in the same way as himself (what is a true compliment).

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They are one of the most honest and sincere of zodiac signs and do not deem lying at all. If they say this sentence it is because they see it like this, they value all your qualities; love your brilliance, beauty, sense of humor and talent. They are fond of your idea and "cannot breathe" when they are away from you. They can be very complicated to deal with and have problems to make a deep commitment, but once they have no doubts about their loved ones they will put all their efforts to make it work.


When he says "I love you", a Libra wants to express in reality: "I will always choose you and I will continually try to support you in whatever you propose is." They want to be there for their partners and see things from their point of view, with an empathy that we do not all share since it is necessary to detach ourselves from our own ego. All they need is to be aware that you feel the same. Show your thoughts to Libra without ambiguity.

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Scorpions can lock themselves in the same way as Cancer because they are shy, and they prefer not to show their vulnerability to others. However, if a man with this zodiac sign falls in love with a person, you can be sure he will do so with great intensity and passion, and become obsessed as teenagers (if they are not that young). These emotions move them like the forces of nature and they can usually change them to better...


They are concise in their principles. They want of course to be with someone they love and share many things but they also hope that this does not reduce their freedom. Men born under these zodiac sign are terrified not to be able to do what they want at any time. This will become a conflict for the Sagittarius and their emotions and his love will disappear if he noticed you control him...

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When they mention "I love you", Capricorns want to express that you are the person with whom they want to build a beautiful relationship. If they have told you that, it is simply because they have thought it deep inside them. They are very serious when it comes to establishing a romantic link and will do anything that is necessary for your situation to work. They take care of the details and remember every important date, and they let you know that they are sincere.


This sign is characterized by being distant and not allow to see as much of its interior to any person. If he has told you that he is in love with you, it will be one of his most extreme and tender sentences for sure. Perhaps you would not have realized how pampered he had been for you but Aquarius does not spend his time on falsehoods or nonsense...

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When those born at this time of year said that they love you, it is as if they said, "Here is my heart, try not to break it, but if you do, I will turn pain into something good and creative." They are very sensitive and often channel their emotions into art. Do not be surprised if you become the muse for them. And never be jealous about art or what they do, it is as much important as you.

Every man deserves to hear the sentence "I love you". Everyone must also remember that this sentence means something, and many people regardless of the sign of the zodiac enter into a relationship with fears of a broken heart. People simply deal with emotions differently.

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