Published 2018-02-09
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According to the Bible, the world will end on June 24, 2018...

The Bible says a lot about 2018. Much more than it would seem to those who did not analyze the Holy Scriptures with greater accuracy. Today we will present the revelations that the Bible reveals about 2018. In the near future, we will certainly hear a lot of speculation about the possibility of the appearance of the Messiah in the world. It will be associated with the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. Bible experts have created many theories and the most widespread is the belief that Israel represents the fig tree of which Christ speaks in His teachings about the end of the world.

Many people know the "Parable of the fig tree", which was presented in the Gospel according to Saint. Luke 21, 29-33, as well as St. Mark 13.28-31 and St. Matthew 24, 32-35. Here is a quote from the Gospel according to Saint. Luke: "And He told them the parable: "Look at the fig tree and other trees and when you see that they release the donuts, you know that the summer is near. So you, when you see that this is happening, know that the kingdom is near God, I tell you that this generation will not pass away until all will happen, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away."

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Many people believe that Israel represents the fig tree in this parable. It is not difficult to conclude, therefore, that our generation will be a witness of the coming of Jesus Christ after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. It must be admitted, however, that there have been various speculations about the specific year in which Jesus would appear. One of the popular theories was that Christ would return in 1988. Some have claimed that the biblical generation is 40 years old. In this case, in the end of the eighties of the last century, Christ could come again.

However, not everyone agreed with the above view. Well, many researchers think that the biblical generation is 70 years old. Since the last generation began with the creation of the state of Israel, its end will come in 2018. Jesus should return to Earth this year. What must happen first in 2018? Let us remember that according to the prophecy contained in the Bible, there must be certain events before the second coming of Jesus. There are various hints on the subject in the Bible, for example in the book of Daniel or in the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Is it possible for so many characters to appear in such a short time? Or maybe some of them have already taken place?

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The time of the Great Tribulation, which is to come at the end of the time of grace, will have three phases. In the Apocalypse of Saint John, he has exactly described it: First phase: the opening of seven seals in the sky, kidnapping of the bride of Jesus Christ (it may be here to destroy the church), dropping Beebe from the Beast. Phase Two: the voice of the seven trumpets from heaven, the battle of the beast with people faithful to God, throwing Satan to Earth. Third Phase: pouring out God's wrath on Satan, the Beast, and Antichrist, as well as all their followers. Then Jesus Christ will come with his servants.

When Jesus returns to Earth, the end of the Great Tribulation will come to an end and there will be the Kingdom of Peace that will last for a thousand years. It is worth noting that we have very little time. On the other hand, some elements can be considered happening now and even for a few nice years. An example may be the ongoing struggle against the Church, which is being fought on many different fronts.

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The Church is losing more and more of the faith. Especially young people leave its ranks, finding nothing in it that would be worth their attention. In addition, even the current Pope, Francis (by some considered to be Antichrist himself), seems to increasingly express views contrary to current Catholic teaching and consistent with the interests of the secret forces behind the scenes of all events. It looks as if the Pope was a cog in a great machine to enslave humanity.

One can, therefore, say that the Great Tribulation is already underway. According to the Bible, during the Great Tribulation, three great forces are to operate in the world: the Great Whore, Antichrist, and the Beast. Catholic Church has long sold itself for luxuries and influences. At times it seems that the hierarchs of the Catholic Church cooperate with people seeking to establish a New World Order (NWO). The latter - or rather the mysterious organization they are members of - is the biblical Beast.

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Many people have the biggest problem with the figure of Antichrist. Some believe that it is Pope Francis, others see him in Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. The most likely option is a completely different option. An antichrist is a man whose identity is not known because of... his anonymity. Maybe this person has not yet started to act in public and is not known to a wider circle of people. Either he stands behind the scenes or he has not started his work yet.

The creator of the prediction that the world will end on June 24, 2018, is Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue, who thinks that the key to the secrets of the end of the world is in the Bible. The fragments we are interested in come from the Apocalypse of Saint. John: "And her mouth was given great things and blasphemies and she was given the opportunity to survive forty-two months" and next: "Here [wisdom] is needed. Whoever has a reason, let the number of the Beast count: for the number is a man. And his number: six hundred and sixty-six." Using the above sentences from the Apocalypse of Saint Jan, Rodrigue said that the end of the world will take place on June 24, 2018. Unfortunately, the "prophet" did not reveal how he came to such a date. What's more fun, his Facebook profile has only a few posts, in which the man proves his thesis based on... the US dollar and periodic table of elements.

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