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9 Weird things that are smoking HOT in different countries

Beauty is a concept that according to the culture you were born in and the taste varies tremendously. For years and years, we have tried as women to prove that overweight is not ugly, different is not ugly but there are some things that are considered smoking hot by men that to us women it makes zero sense! Now imagine taking this to a whole new level by searching for the things that are considered se*y in different countries! You might be thinking ‘How bad can that be?’ and we have to tell you that you cannot even imagine! Keep on reading this article to find out about the weirdest things that are considered attractive around the world!

1. Scars

Having scars and stretch marks is not considered as a deal breaker for men! They actually think it is cute and gives you character! There is always an interesting story behind the scars! Well, not always interesting! If the stretch marks are from the pregnancy, there are absolutely no reasons to be ashamed of them. According to guys, your scars and stretch marks need to be celebrated, not hidden! Interestingly, this is considered sexy in African countries such as New Guinea! These people use the scars to design their body and their faces! These scars mostly have meanings behind them. Milestones such as puberty, marriage and so on...

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2. Overweight

To make things clear, we are not saying not being fit is not attractive! You might be insecure about your pudgy tummy but guys do not really notice that! Unlike women, men do understand that this is only a part of being a human being! It most certainly does not turn them off! Quite the opposite, it makes them think that you are fertile! Yes, after all this time, still guys find this attractive. However, the case gets more serious when you learn that in Mauritania, Northwest Africa, in order for women to get noticed by men, they need to be overweight! Even the young girls are force-fed up to 16000 calories!

3. Crooked Teeth

It turns out that not having a perfect set of teeth is not a big deal! Having a gap in your teeth is actually considered cute to men! We wonder what they do not find cute! Your imperfections, in their eyes, give you a character and make you who you are. And do not forget that they always fall in love with your flaws. It is the same with crooked teeth! In Japan, dentists are in high demand only because people do not want to have straight teeth but crooked ones! Crooked is the new beautiful!

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4. Pale Skin

What we see these days on social media is people tanning constantly in order to look hot! In fact, the word voluptuous is associated with no other word that brunette and for the same reason, you do not see the pale skin girls being satisfied with the color of their skin. It is also a lot more to do only to fit the definition of beauty and be accepted by the society. However, this pale skin has its fans in Asia! The definition of beautiful is pale there! This is so severe that at times when it is summer and the sun is shining, they wear masks to protect their skin against the rays!

5. High Foreheads

So many of us think that if we are having a high forehead, we need to cover that with fringe or any other ways in other to look attractive! You won’t find a lady who is satisfied with the high forehead but it is interesting to know that in some countries, the high forehead is actually considered as a very attractive feature in a lady! It is said that in medieval times, ladies, in order to look more attractive, were removing the half front part of their hair to have a high forehead! The same thing is trendy in the Fula tribe in Africa.

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6. Surgical dressing on the nose

The nose job is something that is quite popular in Asian countries. Guess that is one of the things they are known for. Any types of surgeries you can think of like are being performed there. The most popular ones can be named as Double eyelid blepharoplasty, Jaw softening or V-line jaw surgery, Rhinoplasty, Calf Reduction, The Permanent Smile or Smile Lipt. Surgical dressing on the nose can be one of the weirdest things but it is true that Iranians consider this as an attractive feature in ladies and you will find ladies with the dressings without even undergoing the actual surgery!

7. Red Skin

As we have already talked about how pale skin is attractive in Asian countries, we have to tell you that white is not the only color that is pretty popular for ladies in different countries! Another one except for brunette is considered to bed red! Ya! The ladies who live in northwest Namibia, the Himbas, are well-known for the use of otjize, butter, fat and red ochre that is applied to their skin and hair! Based on what the Himba say, this is used for aesthetic reasons. Although weird, looking at the pictures make us agreed with how pretty these ladies look!

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8. Stretched Lips

Throughout this whole list, there is no way you can find something as weird as this one to be considered attractive by men! We cannot think of a reason why stretched lips can be considered as someone men would kill for, can you!? They start with piercing their lips and then having some discs inside to change the way it looks to a larger one and the larger, the more attractive the person is to be considered! Maybe you would think of giving it a go!? There is no way men find this attractive in anywhere else than in Ethiopia, in a tribe called Mursi.

9. Monobrow

Monobrow or unibrows are what is considered to be trendy these days in the fashion industry but it is interesting to know that fashion is repeating itself as it Tajikistan, this was considered to be a sign of beauty or it still is considered! To them, these eyebrows bring so much luck with themselves and the person who owns them will have a fortunate life!

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