Published 2018-02-09
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9 Behaviours of women that are BORING to men

Even if you do not believe it, it is quite easy to make the affection of a man disappear, no matter how much he loves you at the beginning of the relationship. Most of the girls are not aware that, despite being uncomplicated, their sentimental partners know very well what they like, and what not, when love between two people is involved. If you want to enjoy a happy courtship and not worry about the possibility of being unattractive to your boy, encourage yourself to read this publication. Here we will tell you about the most boring female behaviors for gentlemen.

1. Lack of desire

To keep the flame of your love burning, it is important that, from time to time, you agree to your other half's suggestions. If you want to organize a trip to a place that neither of you knows; show him the night sky during the summer holidays, teach him how to play the guitar or have you sign up for classes with him, let yourself go. Even the most sincere feelings need proper "dressings": a dash of courage (or even madness) as a couple never hurts!

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2. Inattention

In these times, although everyone wants to be heard, nobody is able to pay attention to the opinions of other people. Sadly, this trend is becoming increasingly common among "lovers" who, although they spend time together and communicate, apparently know each other less and less. If you find it impossible to concentrate on the content of your boyfriend's statements, you better be prepared for the worst; lack of attention towards our loved ones is one of the main causes for the problems in love!

3. Too much attention

Ok, every woman should always be present in the life of her soulmate... But for a relationship between two people to work properly, everything must be done in moderation. Like any type of overdose, excess interest and attention for your boyfriend can also be harmful. If you want your feelings for him not to change, look for new hobbies and try to occupy your time with something other than just, HIM. That way you can attract him more than ever and make him feel even more proud of you.

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4. Too much love

It's a fact: men need to have their own space (and women too). Therefore, any of them feels completely trapped when it turns out that their partner does not leave their alone, and take every opportunity to fill them with kisses, hugs and caresses. If, in addition, at the same time, they are melted by their supposed advantages and attributes and do not allow to rest, it is unconsciously digging the grave to a loving relationship. To the boys, few things are more boring than this...

5. Egocentrism

Opting for the opposite option is not good either. No man who thinks about starting a serious and lasting relationship wants to be overlooked... It's no wonder that as soon as a girl begins to focus on her own needs, hobbies, tastes and points of view instead of trying to refer to the life of both as a couple, men lose interest in it almost immediately. True love is based on commitments: if you do not know how to pay attention to your boyfriend, you do not deserve to be with him.

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6. A lot of silence and brevity

Another story involves girls who, even when men do the impossible to encourage them to talk about themselves, seem to have nothing to tell. Being too quiet and reserved for the long term does not work: men usually end up getting tired of being the only part of the couple that seems to be working hard to keep things rolling. Do you want to get rid of him? Be sharp and respond with monosyllables to all your questions... This is the best antimatter repellent!

7. Bland character

Another feature that gentlemen consider boring in women can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the couple. If, getting to know a girl better, they come to the conclusion that her nature does not have anything of showy or interesting, they will probably cut off contact with her for good. Interestingly, it is typical especially among females interested primarily in maintaining impeccable physical appearance (of which the current world is full). Are you one of them? Be careful...

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8. Telephone addiction

Although at present all of us have smartphones and we are practically not separated from them, there are moments in life when it is worthwhile to turn off the device. We refer mainly to all the moments that we usually spend as a couple. No woman whose existence in any way depends on the virtual world will never interest a real man. At the end of the day, what's the fun of staying with a girl who keeps writing messages, sending audios and posting photos during appointments, instead of dealing with real life...?

9. Negativity

Sincerely, no one in their right mind enjoys the company of a malcontent person. Girls who do not know how to pay attention to any positive detail of life and spend days complaining about everything that comes to mind, sooner or later end up alone and are the only ones who can feel guilty about it. Although sometimes life is hard, in good company it is more passable: if you want your relationship to last, make sure your boyfriend knows how much you appreciate his presence in your life!

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