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Published 2018-02-12
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Ways to combat a headache in 5 minutes without any medicine

Usually, a headache gets us in the least expected moment. Although most of us often do not have herald serious health problems, the headache can be quite annoying. Reaching for a painkiller is probably the most common reaction to this health condition. This is an effective solution, but you can also deal with the pain differently. We mean, by not taking any medicine but rather using natural external methods.

What are the causes of a headache?

There are many reasons for a headache. The answer to the question of why your head hurts, what to use for a headache and whether the problem is serious, is not straightforward. Tips regarding the causes of complaints should be sought, inter alia, in the location of symptoms, their frequency, intensity, and character. Some tips on how to answer the question about the reasons for a headache can also give the age and gender of the patient, especially if the pain is localized differently - in the area of ​​the forehead, occiput or only on one side.

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Migraine or maybe sick sinus?

The pain that covers the half of the head, which occurs together with hypersensitivity to light, noise, and odors, is most often diagnosed as a migraine. Migraine specialist clinics deal with the treatment of migraines, to which the primary care physician issues a referral. In the case of pain over the eyes or at the temples, it is worth going to an ENT specialist or dentist, as sinus or tooth disease may be the culprit. In some cases, a psychiatric consultation is indicated, because a headache can be a symptom of depression, sleep disorders or severe stress.

Tension headache

Mainly women suffer because of this type. It appears on both sides, most often around the forehead and temple. It has a compressive character and grows within a few days. The attack of tension pain lasts from 30 minutes to a week. It is not accompanied by visual disturbances (characteristic of a classical migraine), but it happens that the suffering person has nausea. Along with a headache, increased tension of the head and neck muscles appear. This type of pain requires neurological examination. Helpful is to take medicines recommended by the doctor.

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Use acupressure points

At first, you need to sit comfortably and relax a little bit. The massage is not going to take too much time of yours, don't worry. It will be only 30 seconds - 1 minute. Massage the point not pressing too much, use circular moves. In general, the pain will disappear after around 5-10 minutes of doing this. There are 6 points of massage when you want to fight a headache:

1. Yintang point
This point is called the point of the third eye (or Yintang). It's located between both eyebrows in the place where the nose converts into the forehead. This point is also used to remove eye fatigue.

2. Zan Zhu points

These are two symmetrical points which are situated at the inner beginnings of each eyebrow. Apart from relieving a headache, massaging this area can help stop a runny nose and improve visual acuity. All you need to do in this case is just massage these two points for as long as 1 minute. Press these points or make circular movements. You will feel much better after several minutes of performing this technic.

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3. Yingxiang points

The next ones are also two points, but this time they are situated on the virtual line between our nose and mouth. They are located on both sides of the nostrils in line with our eyes. In order to find them, check dimples which are in the bottom of the cheekbones. Apart from making you feel relief from a headache, massaging these two points helps to open sinuses, reduce a toothache and, what is more, to reduce stress level.

4. Tian Zhu points

These are two points which are located not in our face but near our back of the neck. They are in the middle, placed symmetrically, between the ear and the place where the spine starts. If you massage these points you can have a relief when it comes to nasal congestion. Moreover, it can be useful in cases of a serious headache, migraine or pain in the ears or eyes.

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5. Shuai Gu points

Shuai Gu points are located around 2 or 3 cm from the beginning line of our hair, they are near the area of the temples. If you feel a small dimple there, you have just found these points. Give them some pressure and you will see that the pain in the area of the temple is gone. Additionally, it helps with eye fatigue, like one of the previous points of acupressure.

6. He Gu points

Again, these are two symmetrical points. He Gu points are situated on the back of our hands, between the first two fingers: forefinger and the thumb. If you put some pressure around these two points of both of your palms, you will get a relief not only from a headache but also from back pain, toothache or tension in the muscles in your neck. Try this on your own and you would not regret it!

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