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What the shape of your ears can say about your personality

Based on the theories we see everywhere online and also based on scientific studies, every single feature of your body has an impact on how your general personality is going to be like. We have learned many things by taking our zodiac signs into account. We have also covered a whole series on how your blood type can affect your personality. Almost all body parts were also covered. One of the few that have been left untouched is the ear that we are going to cover it today! Are you ready to see what your ears say about your personality!?

1. Attached lobe

What you need to pay attention to throughout this article is the earlobe so maybe pick up a mirror and check to see how your ear lobe looks and which one of the pictures above it matches the best! The attached lobe is one of the most common ear shapes among people. You can check the credibility of the statement by checking the ears of the people you meet every day! The personality type of these people is the extreme one! How extreme!? Keep reading so you would know what we mean!

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People with the same earlobe can have two completely different personality type. Totally the opposite of one another! You might just think ‘What on earth does that even mean!? The everyone has a different type of personality so this whole thing has nothing to do with the earlobe’ but that is where you are wrong! Indulge us a bit longer so that we can elaborate on that. People with this earlobe are likely kind and welcoming people. They have a beautiful heart and a welcoming nature. They also are that one person you want to have around in tough times.

Some who knows what empathy means and someone who is able to put themselves in your shoe and knows where you are coming from. Someone who understands you better than anybody else. The love that they have for you comes from this great level of understanding that they have. It is not impulsive. Despite all this, they can be quite reserved about some particular things in their lives. They can do almost everything based on what their instincts tell them to. They do not care about what other people think of them.

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2. Broad lobe

People who have broad lobe are the type that is quite chill and relaxed. They do not fuss over many things and take life easy. They do not like taking anything seriously which might be annoying to some people. They joke about everything and everyone no matter what. Nothing can perks them up better than a fine perfectly-timed joke. If you possess this type of earlobe, you are the type that loves smiling and being happy. A great company for everyone. You like to spending time with people who are just as easy going. At times the sarcastic side might come out and that is only because you are an intelligent individual.

3. Narrow ear

People with this type of ears are the ones that are quite reserved and they like to keep things to themselves! They are the type of people who act the most logical during the crisis. You never find them freaking out or reacting in a violent way. People with ears like this want to be left alone and they do not want to be involved in gossips and meaningless conversations. They are not the type of person to talk so often but when they do, they contribute the best way possible. They care so much about their own thoughts and they do not think people deserve to hear them.

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4. Pointed ear

People who possess this type of ears are the ones who are quite intelligent. They know exactly what is going on around them. They are unbelievable observers so with these two qualities they can make some incredible things happen. These people are also more likely to be detail-oriented people. Their observation game is so strong that they can spot the tiniest mistake and change it which is a sign that they are perfectionists. They do everything in the best way possible because of their perfectionist side and also how meticulous they are.

5. Round lobe

People with this type of earlobe are the kindest you can ever find. They are also the perfect friend for being greatly loyal. They are dedicated and when they trust someone, they trust completely so they need someone who values all that. They are so special for being the people who will do anything to help their friend. These people also do not trust people easily so knowing that you know how important it is to gain their trust. They believe in the good in everyone and they are the people who give others a second chance if they do something wrong so do not mess up your friendship with these people.

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6. Square ear

People with this ear shape are the ones that created this world in the first place! This shape is one of the least common one and the personality of the people who possess it is just as unique. They are the wise ones who always look at the world from a different perspective and have a bigger picture of what others do. They do not care much about trivialities. These people love to live in their own world. They are unbelievably creative and they want to spend their time on their own far from other people.

7. Sticking out

The last type of ear is the sticking out one. As this is the last one the least, people who possess it also stand out in a crowd. They are known for their weird nature. They are the ones who are always doing things you can never imagine so spotting them is pretty easy. They do not need to make an effort to be different; They were born to be this way. They often find it difficult and pointless to explain their point of view to other people. It is pretty excruciating for them to have a conversation with someone because people mostly cannot understand their point of view!

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