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Your favorite sensual FANTASY according to your zodiac sign

Do you think that the zodiac signs do not affect our se* life? It is just the opposite, because not only can we get good or bad in terms of bed expectations and preferences, but what we dream about has a strong relationship with our character. Check how your zodiac sign can give you the greatest pleasure, and get to know your partner's innermost erotic fantasies!

You like it when the path to the goal is long, difficult and requires patience. You often fantasize about a slow str*ptease performed by a sensual lover or partner You dream of crazy se* without any inhibitions.


Your innermost fantasies revolve around experiments and games - in your imagination you are eager to try warm-cold games with ice and... wax. It is an extreme stimulation of the senses that suits you. The fantasies that this zodiac sign has involves food items rubbed on the skin of the partner or simply placed there and you know the rest! Only the idea of having someone to lick the melted chocolate brings chills to the people born under this zodiac sign and quite frankly to everyone else!

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Gemini’s are the social butterfly. They are smart, open-minded and easy- going. They are life and soul of the party and no one cannot be bored with them. They are distinguished by their skills in having fun, storytelling and the desire to share their impressions with others. Gemini always has new ideas. They are cheerful and energetic. You may consider them as the best companions from all zodiac signs. As a Twins, you are used to giving and receiving double pleasure, so in your fantasies, one lover in bed is not enough. You dream about se* in a triangle and have a great time at it.


Cancers are home-lovers who attach themselves to people and things. They are very family men and love to take care of others. They like to be useful and socially active, also called born diplomats. Tradition is also important for them, they are sentimental and often focus on the past. Their most attractive feature is the warmth that beats them from their inside like a home fire. Often you imagine yourself in different roles, you like to dress up and fantasize about playing erotic scenes. Ideally, those in which you break the rules, but at the same time control the situation.

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Leos distinctive feature of this zodiac sign is temperament. Leos are full of energy, frolic and irrepressible; they love life and always want to be in the spotlight. They are also proud, like to be admired and adored, but in their actions, they engaged themselves totally. They are idealists who believe in their ideas and creativity, are enthusiastic and full of natural charm. Your zodiac sign is full of energy and joy, you love having fun, that's why there is always a lot of se* toys in your sensual fantasies. Every kind and destination, you want to try them all.


Virgos have a very attractive mind and intelligence is their se*y trait. Among this zodiac sign, we find the most laureates of Nobel Prize and outstanding scientists. They are perfectionists who love to segregate, arrange and plan. They are very involved, supportive and accurate people, sometimes even meticulous. They are communicative and care about appearance and aesthetics. One of your main features is the love of order and logic. It is no different in your sensual fantasies - you dream to conduct and control your partner or... partners. You make decisions and discipline those who do not follow the rules.

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Libras are thoughtful and objective in their evaluations. They seek for justice, harmony and balance. They are great mediators because they always try to choose the most appropriate and right solution. They also have a sense of taste and style. That is why Libras are good designers and artist, too. Every day perfectly balanced, finding a golden mean between reason and emotions in fantasies, you become your opposite and you dream about... se* with a stranger. An accidental lover acts like a magnet on you.


Scorpions are ambitious, courageous and persistent. But first and foremost, what attracts others to them the most is that they are mysterious. They have a complex interior, sometimes dark side; they are emotional and they like magic or mysticism. They have strong psychic, are not afraid of failure, and if they believe in something, they are fighting for it till the end. They are ready for the greatest sacrifices. Your rich se* life, sensuality and huge libido translate into your erotic fantasies - in the imagination you always dominate, you entrap a helpless partner.

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Sagittarius' have a lot of spontaneity and kindness that charm their surroundings. They are interested in what happens around, they are socialists, who like to help others. They are honest, sincere, have a great sense of humor and love to have fun or adventurous. Sagittarius' are also free-spirited who appreciates their freedom and independence, likes to be in motion. In your fantasies often appears... a vibrator. It's best if its power and location are controlled by your partner - you like to be pleasantly surprised.


Capricorn is the most peaceful of all zodiac signs; serious and careful. They are very diligent and practical, they strive for the goal irrespective of the difficulties and failures. Capricorns are determined, patient and tactful, they often keep a distance, and do not like to show weakness. They seek to gain an advantage, whether in a professional or personal relationship. You are a person who likes to have everything under control and probably because in your innermost sensual fantasies is the other way around - you are submissive and do what your partner tells you. You want someone to lead you, and sometimes even... command.

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People who were born under Aquarius sign are original, creative and full of new ideas. They love crazy, undiscovered concepts and the ability to create something new. They are supporters of innovation for the good of society. But Aquatics like also their own freedom and independence. They are loving but also very stubborn in their actions and opinions and it is hard to convince them to change their mind. You are the type of leader, you are characterized by courage and willingness to take risks. You dream about se* outdoors, in the water, but it's not about a calm, sunny beach, but about a rough ocean, dangerously high waves and the risk that someone will see you.


Pisceans are very sensitive, emotional people. They are not indifferent to human misfortune and always try to help. As a rule, they are joyful and loving; they are great listeners, so they are liked and invited to companionship. Pisces born people also have a very developed intimacy and imagination and are creative and inventive. You are an artistic soul, and your sensual fantasies always connect in some way with the creation process. You imagine how intensely you paint a picture when suddenly your calm interrupts the appearance of a mysterious lover. Passionate se* among colorful paints is the fulfillment of your dreams.

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