Published 2018-02-13
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This is what the length of your THUMB says about your LOVE life...

They say the lines on our palms and fingers can reveal a lot about our future and our personality. We are not sure how far it is true because it is not scientifically proven nor does it have any kind of logic behind it. It may be a coincidence or maybe our future really is written in our hands. But we can say that one thing is for sure, a couple of us tried it and it is definitely true.

We have talked about many things on our website, like how the shape and length of your fingers and the lines on your palm says about your personality and future. Today we are going to talk about how the length of our thumb is linked to the way we behave when in a relationship and in love. You may actually be surprised at how true it can be. So try it out and let us know the results!

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Before we start, have a look at your dominant thumb. It looks normal and it is only a finger which helps us have a grip on the things we hold, yet, it reveals so much more than just that. Look at the picture below and carefully choose which one your thumb closely resembles. Once you have done that, scroll down to reveal the mystery written in the most dominant finger of your hand.

1. Both halves equal

If both halves of your thumb are equal, then it only means that you are a calm and level headed person. You are definitely a planner and likes to plan things beforehand so you can complete your goals and tasks in time and with ease. No matter the situation, you don’t lose your cool, instead, you deal with it one step at a time and slowly. So far so good and all the traits are too good to be true.

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But you have the same approach when it comes to relationships too. Since you hardly show your emotions or tell how you feel, your partner has a hard time understanding you and that is frustrating! You take things slow, emotionally and physically. You don’t like a lot of drama and prefers when everything is steady, which confuses your partner. Let your partner know how you feel about them from time to time, it will help!

2. Top half is bigger than the bottom half

If the top half of your thumb is bigger than the bottom half it means you are very faithful, a hopeless romantic and sometimes can be a little too passionate. You are the kind of person who can open up easily and is very honest with the people you meet. You are definitely the person anyone would love to be around! But how does this play a role when it comes to relationships?

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When you are in a relationship you are very faithful to your partner and you love them with all your heart. Unfortunately, your very passionate nature can be quite overwhelming for your partner if you don’t give them the space they need. There’s nothing wrong in loving your partner, but it can come across as needy and overprotective. There needs to be a balance for the relationship to last long.

3. Top half is smaller than the bottom half

If the top half of your thumb is smaller than the bottom half, then you are honest and reliable. You tend to control your emotions and don’t let anyone see the real you. You think logically and make decisions with your head rather than with your heart. You are also an observer and take your time to think things through. All great traits of a person who wants to be successful. But how does this affect your love life?

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But observing can have its downfalls too. It can cause you to question yourself before diving into a relationship, and you could miss out on some great chances with great people. It can also mean that you take relationships very, VERY slowly. This can become frustrating for your partner who thinks maybe it's time to move in after five years of dating.

Didn't know a finger as small as the thumb could reveal so much about you, right? If you are in a relationship or not you can use this as a guide to make your relationship better and long lasting. But remember this may not be true for everyone. If your relationship is going well then there is nothing to be changed, but if it is not, this might help you figure out what's wrong. Try this simple test with your partner, friends or family to learn more about them! And let us know what you think in the comments!

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