Published 2018-02-13
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Where to go to get RICH - 9 Countries with the biggest amount of gold in 2018!

Gold is one of the most precious and also most expensive stones in the world. Those countries which have large amounts of gold, experience a rising economic growth, too. Today, we will go through a list of 10 countries of the world with the biggest gold reserves, ranked from the 10th to the 1st place.

10. India
The country has got one of the biggest gold reserves and that's why it's on the 10th place in the article. India gives out more than 155.7 tons of gold per year. The country's population is still growing, now it's around 1.324 billion people. India, located in the South of Asia, uses gold particularly for wedding ceremonies which take place from September to December. Not only gold but also other minerals are in possession of this country,

9. Netherlands

Another one with the biggest amount of gold in 2018 happens to be a quite small European country, which is the Netherlands. Approximately 612.5 tones of gold is produced in the Netherlands each year. The central bank of the country is constantly searching for an appropriate place to store their gold resources. Apparently, a huge amount of the Netherlands' gold is exported to the USA. This is the reason why the Netherlands is leading on our list of countries which are rich in gold.

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8. Japan

Another country on our prestigious list of the biggest gold resources is Japan. This incredible country called a land of a "blooming cherry", is the third largest economic power in the world. Central banks of Japan has got very hard-working employees who always want the best for the citizens' lives. Not every country will be eager to help improve people's lives, though.A production of gold in Japan is around 765.2 tons per year. Not all the gold stays in the country; some amount is exported to other countries, for example to the USA.

7. Switzerland

Another country with the biggest amount of gold reserves is a European country, Switzerland. Gold is a major thing in this country. They produce approximately 1,040 tons of this stone a year. Switzerland is a neutral country, it's not a member of the European Union. Most of the gold was discovered during The World War 2. Switzerland is proud of the European continent. Companies which deal with gold manufacturing are nowadays combined with companies from China (Hong Kong).

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6. Russia

The next country on our list with the huge amount of gold is Russia. This rich country is claimed to produce 1,460.4 tons of gold per year, but it produces other precious stones, too. Thanks to these gold reserves, Rusia has developed so quickly. Therefore, many job places are created for young people in Russia. A problem of unemployment in this huge country is one of the biggest problems of them. A vast amount of gold of Russia is generally sold to the United States of America or Russia's neighbors.

5. China

China is famous in the world for many things. First of all, we all know this country as a producer of cheap devices such as radios, phones, televisions and many more electronic appliances which are handy for us. Apart from this, China is one of the biggest gold holders in the world, that's why it's in such high position on the list. 1,797.5 tons of gold is produced in China every year. Alongside with this high level of gold resources, China is developing constantly and its economy as well.

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4. France

The fourth place in this list is for France. This is another developed country with the huge amount of gold in its reserves. France is a producer of a big amount of this stone while others are distributed to their neighbors. Consequently, it helps France grow quickly when it comes to its economy. But on the other hand, across the last couple of years, only little amount of gold was exported to other countries and foreign customers. France is one of the countries that people are willing to visit thanks to the low level of corruption as well as big reserves of this goldstone.

3. Italy

The bronze medal when it comes to gold reserves in the world is for another well-known and developed country which is Italy. The third place in the list is thanks to its 2,451 tons of gold that is produced by this country every year. Some research has shown that total amount of gold has not been added to its revenue in the last couple of months, according to Central bank of Italy. This situation took place back in 2013.

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2. Germany

Our list could have been not true without including Germany as one of biggest gold reserves in the world. Germany produces the huge amount of gold every year. Some part stays in the country to be used by manufacturing companies of Germany but others are exported and sold to a couple of other places of the world. Amount of Gold produced in this country is approximated to be 3,378.2 tons a year.

1. United States

And, last but not least, the first place on the list is for The United States of America. We've talked about the USA before while talking about other countries which export their gold to the USA. The USA is the largest producer of gold in the world. It's because they produce around 8,133.5 tons every year. Thanks to such high gold reserves, the country's economy experienced its growth. We cannot say that Americans are poor or not developed.

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