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9 Most beautiful billionaires in the world

Most of us know the names of some of the world's billionaires, but these beautiful billionaires will steal your heart. Here we have a list of 9 of the world's most beautiful female billionaires. Their net worth is in billions. We can’t even imagine how lavish of a life they are living. Having the title of "billionaire" is only achieved by a chosen few. These women are lucky to have beauty and brains. Lucky girls, what else we can say about them!

1. Laurene Powell Jobs – $19.4 billion

As the wife of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs now controls the tech giant's assets, worth roughly $19.4 billion. Despite the fact that Jobs was celebrated for his work at Apple, the dominant part of his riches originated from his stake in The Walt Disney Company. He sold the animation company Pixar to Walt Disney Co in 2006 for $7.4 billion. After his passing in 2011, the stake in Pixar has swelled to $12.7 billion. This represents 90% of Powell Jobs' total assets.

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2. Yang Huiyan – $7.3 billion

Yang Huiyan is a 35-year-old executive and majority shareholder of Country Garden Holdings. It is one of the largest real estate and property development companies bringing in a revenue of $20.8 billion. Yang Huiyan’s assets from the company total $7.3 billion. Yang turned into the territory's wealthiest individual at a young age when her father Yang Guoqiang gave her 70% of the company's shares in 2007 right before taking the company public in Hong Kong.

3. Pansy Ho - $ 4.2 billion

Pansy Ho is quite an interesting woman on this list. She owns a huge share in MGM Macau, a 35 story casino. Her fortune has been amassed from the corporate side of casinos, gambling, and betting. She attended high school and college in California. Ho wasn’t able to break into the New Jersey gambling market after investigations concluded her father has extensive ties to the Chinese mafia. During the end of her marriage, she was dating one of her father's competitors who was arrested during her birthday party. This quickly led to her divorce with her other partner.
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4. Elizabeth Holmes - $4.6 billion

Theranos was established in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford dropout who figured out how to raise millions of dollars in private subsidising without anybody in the media hearing about it for the following decade. In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that Theranos had created blood examination machines that could robotize and scale down more than 1,000 research facility tests in a way that would require just minuscule blood volumes. Unfortunately, in recent years she has received fraud allegations and investigations have been conducted by the FDA.

5. Ivanka Trump - $4 billion

Ivanka Marie Trump is the daughter of United States president Donald Trump. She was born in 1981 and was given a variation of her mother's name. Her parents divorced when she was only 10, and she was raised in Manhattan. She attended college at the University of Pennsylvania. Ivanka currently serves as the official VP of advancement and acquisitions for the Trump Organization. She also has her own business ventures. She has her own clothing line which includes garments, shoes, purses, children's shoes, glasses, and jewellery. She was also a judge on her father TV show “The Apprentice”.
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6. Tamara Ecclestone - $3.9 billion.

Tamara Ecclestone was born in Milan in 1984. She is the daughter of model Slavica Ecclestone and formula one billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. She went to high school at Francis Holland School in London. She is a model and TV personality even starring in her own reality show. She was also a presenter of the 2009 formula one season for the TV company Sky Sports Italia.

7. Marie Besnier Beauvalot – $2.7 billion

Marie Besnier Beauvalot is a 36-year-old French billionaire worth $2.7 billion. She inherited her father's company Lactalis which is the largest dairy company in the world. Her grandfather founded the company in 1933. She is now a major shareholder and her brother is the CEO. Unfortunately for all men, she is married!

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1. Laurene Powell Jobs – $19.4 billion

8. Amanda Hearst - $1.9 billion

Amanda Hearst was born in New York and attended Fordham University. She is the Founder and Chairwoman of Friends of Finn. The Friends of Finn (FoF) campaign is made up of youthful pioneers devoted to working with The HSUS's Stop Puppy Mills Campaign. They want to help stop the heartless treatment of dogs in breeding factories and puppy mills. Besides being an animal activist she is also a successful model appearing on the covers of Town and Country, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and other well-known magazines.

9. Perenna Kei - $1.3 billion

Perenna Kai was the youngest billionaire on the planet in 2014 at the mindblowing age of 24. She was born close to the border of Hong Kong. Kai studied at the University of London. She owns 85% of a real estate company ran by her father named Logan Property Holdings. The company went public in 2013 and the previous year the company had a $1 billion dollar revenue.

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