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Published 2018-02-13
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The serious symptoms that occur a month before the heart attack!

Myocardial infarction happens when the blood vessel in the heart is closed and the blood supply is interrupted and oxygen is not reaching the muscle. It causes necrosis of the cut-off part of the heart. The heart attack may come quite unexpectedly even in a person who has previously considered himself completely healthy because it leads to processes lasting usually for several years. Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death.

1. Fatigue

Are you still bored, sleepy, have little energy? Perhaps it is the fault of overworking. But chronic fatigue can be a symptom of a serious illness and also a heart attack! Lack of appetite, weakness and chronic fatigue is one of the signs of hepatitis C, diabetes, anemia and also kidney failure. Therefore, be vigilant! What diseases are manifested by chronic fatigue? Chronic fatigue is usually attributed to overworking and stress or changes in the eye contours. These are actually frequent reasons for malaise, but constant fatigue can also be a symptom of a disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

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2. Shortness of breath

The first symptom that cannot be underestimated is emerging dyspnoea. The lungs and heart cooperate with each other and if one organ is not working properly, the other also has disorders. Narrowing arteries cause a reduced blood flow, which in turn leads to too little access to oxygen. Then we experience difficulty in breathing. Dyspnoea may be acute, i.e. occur within a few minutes. Then its causes can be for example heart failure - creaks, widening of the jugular veins, edema. Dyspnea occurs in the supine position or 1-2 hours. after falling asleep.

3. Dizziness

Dizziness is a frequent complaint and is the reason for about 5% of visits to doctors of various specialties. The percentage of patients increases with age and over 65, it is around 50%. The definition of dizziness says that this is the illusion of a circular motion of the environment or one's own body, often coexisting with nausea or vomiting, associated with damage to the vestibular apparatus and/or its nerve connections (systemic dizziness). Do not ignore dizziness since it may indicate a heart attack soon!

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4. Cold sweats

Cold sweats are a symptom that should not be used to diagnose ailments, as they can herald both colds and cancer. Moreover, it can be a symptom of a heart attack, too! If they appear frequently and with the other states of concern, then you should go to the doctor. Cold sweats are another characteristic signal that may appear before a heart attack. It is often accompanied by chills and a feeling of coldness all over the body.

5. Tightness of the chest

The tightness of the chest does not necessarily signal a heart attack but it's a symptom we should not ignore. However, it may mean overtraining, severe stress or a symptom of a cold or the cause of an injury. How to deal with chest tightness? Chest tightness can be associated with lungs, pleura, esophagus, trachea, ribs, and with the spine. Pain, pressure, or chest prick is the first signal that our body is overloaded and needs support. Stress can also cause stinging and tightness in the chest. Everyday duties make us tired and stressed.

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6. Weakness

Weakness can cause a viral infection or a bacterial infection. More seriously - it can mean a heart attack. One of the most common causes of weakness is the flu or cold. Any chronic infection such as hepatitis, mononucleosis or HIV also shows signs of weakness. One of the causes of weakness is also anemia. This disease consists of a reduced concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Symptoms of anemia are often weakness, fatigue, pale skin, brittle and dry hair with a tendency to fall out. Cancer diseases are a more serious cause of weakness.

7. Wakefullness

When blood vessels overgrow with atherosclerotic plaque, blood cannot flow freely through them. Then there are headaches and dizziness, sometimes breathlessness and trouble sleeping. For some people, the pressure at night may be too high, which may be manifested, among others, difficulties in falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up too early or sleeping poorly.

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8. Arrhythmia

Heart disorder is arrhythmia in other words. Cardiac disorders are common among healthy people under the influence of emotions, fatigue, alcohol, and coffee. It is enough to calm down, rest, reduce stimulants so that everything returns to normal state. But uneven heartbeat may also signal heart and circulatory problems (atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure), potassium, magnesium, and calcium deficiency. It is accompanied by fever, hyperthyroidism, and menopause. Do not ignore arrhythmia!

9. Excessive sweating

Sweating is emotional, it is a kind of reaction to stress. In such circumstances sweating of the hand occurs, in extreme cases, the hands can be very moist. In response to stress sweats or other parts of the body can sweat. The cause of these ailments may also be diseases, including diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney problems. Excess hyperhidrosis may be accompanied by a hormonal imbalance and an improper diet rich in salty, spicy foods. This condition can last several days. Excessive sweating often also accompanies some alcohol poisoning and can be a signal of a heart attack!

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