Published 2018-02-15
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8 Things that can help when the routine creeps in your relationship

2. Sweet nothings

Are you bored or tired at work and suddenly your partner texts you something? It is so nice to see some tender, loving message. If you have some time for texting, then you can also flirt with each other and fire your imagination about the evening when you come back home. Treat it as a foreplay and you will miss him and look forward to your meeting after work. Such flirtations are much better than a message such as ‘What will we have for dinner tonight’ or ‘Will you buy milk?’

2. Sweet nothings

3. Surprise!

Small and surprising gifts are also a good idea. You just need to listen to each other and know your preferences as regards to the things you would like to eat or buy. They don’t have to cost lots of money. Any pleasant surprise is welcome if you want to see your partner's happy face. Maybe he likes that popular rock band that has just released a new album or she dreams about that black evening dress that would be great for your date? You don’t need a special occasion to give your partner such a gift.

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3. Surprise!
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