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True stories of people who survived horror movie situations

Fiance buries woman alive

The relationship between Michelina Lewandowska and her fiance, Marcin Kasprzak was quite rocky. She expected horrible breakup in front of the public or the confession of being cheated on when their relationship had it rock bottom. But things did not turn out as how you’d expect. Marcin’s idea to back out of the relationship was by driving her to the wilderness and keeping her in a cardboard box to bury her few inches under the ground and burn her alive. He even put a 90-pound tree branch over it to suffocate her. All this was done by him and an accomplice.

Even though she did escape, the incident haunted her psychologically and physically, which included insomnia and paranoia. In an interview, she revisited the memory of her waking up in her grave thinking of her child. Michelina decided that to survive and to protect her son from this man, she had to cut all kinds of bonds with him. She had been in her “grave” for more than two hours already before clawing herself out. Both the attackers has been sentenced to jail for 20 years.

Flesh-eating bacteria

Aimee Copeland was on holiday in Georgia, when she had the urge to try zip lining. Being and outdoor and adventure seeker, she was hyped about it and never in her wildest dreams would’ve thought that anything would go wrong. But things took a turn when the cable snapped, and dived right into the muddy water, where she was in contact with a bacteria that caused necrotizing fasciitis on an open wound.

Doctors confirmed that the flesh-eating bacteria she contracted was fatal, and they quickly worked on her before it was able to spread to her vital organs. She had both her hands and legs amputated since that was the only and quickest way possible to save her life. Now, she’s using prosthetic legs and bionic hands that allows her to have a little bit of a “normal” life. Well, we’ve decided one thing. NEVER going outdoors. Never going zip lining. Okay, that’s two things.

Fleeing a highway murderer

Joanne Lees and Peter Falconio, British tourists, were driving through the Australian Outback when a motorist signaled to pull over. The motorist, Bradley John Murdoch, told them that their vehicle’s exhaust was shooting sparks. When Peter got out to check on it, Bradley shot him and took Joanne as his “prize”. He then attacked her and tied her hands using cable ties.

It turned out that Bradley was high on amphetamines. Lees was pulled out of the van when she fell face down on the road, which resulted in her being momentarily unconscious. While Murdoch was distracted in moving Peter's body, Lees quickly fled the scene and run into the bushes nearby. She then flagged a passing car after hiding for more than five hours. Murdoch was then imprisoned for murder but hasn't revealed where he took Falconio’s body.

The disguised policeman

When Elizabeth Shoaf, a 14-year-old, was going back home from school, she came across a man who claimed to be a policeman. He told her she was under arrest and handcuffed her, took her to his house which was in the woods. He then tied her up in his trailer for around ten days. The kidnapper, Vinson Filyaw was actually an unemployed construction worker. The parents of the girl filed a missing report, sadly the police undertook the situation as a case of a teenage runaway.

Shoaf was well aware that she won’t be that easily found, so she took her time to build her kidnapper’s trust. Smart girl! She eventually got him to give her his phone to play with. Elizabeth quickly used it to text her family and friends of her whereabouts. It didn’t take long for the authorities to track the location. Filyaw, by now who was in full on panic mode, asked Shoaf for advice. Fearing for her life, she told him to flee. And that’s exactly what he did. In the end, the kidnapper, who was caught, was condemned to 421 years in prison.

Hitchhiking goes wrong

September 1992, Jennifer Asbenson was on her way to work at the center for disabled children when she missed the bus to take her there. Luckily for her at that moment, a kind passerby offered her a ride, and she was safely taken to her destination. However, little did she know that this would be the last time she would ever be asking for a ride from strangers. The next morning, the man who gave her a ride, Andrew Urdiales, was waiting for her to give her a ride again. Thinking the first experience was good, she accepted for the second time. He was actually a serial murderer among many other things. He tied her and took her to a remote desert, where he had assaulted her.

After hurting his victim, he forced her into the boot of his car before hitting the road. Jennifer eventually found a way to open the boot from inside, and she waited for the perfect opportunity before using it. Once she did, she escaped into the main road and came across a Marine truck. Even though her attacker wasn’t caught immediately, he was after five years.
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