Published 2018-02-15
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A priest abused and infected more than 30 children with HIV and he did NOT go to the prison ...

The news that we are going to talk about today has caused a stir in recent weeks, especially in the Mexican town, where it has had the most impact. According to several media, such as La Vanguardia or Publimetro, a priest whose name is José Ataulfo ​​García, confessed last year in 2016 to have abused exaggeratedly at least 30 children (among girls and boys) in an indigenous community of Oaxaca. However, what has most attracted the attention of Internet users is that, more recently, the man would have been acquitted of his crimes by the First Archdiocese of Mexico, the highest religious authority in the country.

Also, according to the global group of hackers "Anonymous", from where the information was initially leaked, the priest carried the human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV or AIDS, and his victims were between 5 and 10 years old, which it makes their abuses much more serious for legal purposes. Obviously, it is not the first case that has been denounced in front of the Mexican Catholic Church for pedophilia and other shady matters, but as it almost always happens, the power held by the ecclesiastical organization causes it to end up looking the other way.

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As a result of this issue, not even the State of Mexico or any institution defending children's rights has pronounced on the absolution of the priest, probably due to the great influence that the church has on the indigenous areas of the country. As if that were not enough, the Archdiocese also enjoys great power in government institutions, and of the enormous number of pedophilia victims that have been, hardly a couple dared to show their faces and talk about it officially.

Similarly, Internet users have expressed their opinion saying it is likely that the Mexican Church is tremendously saturated with similar cases, so this is still "one more" that will go unpunished, unfortunately. However, there have been occasions in which justice was done, as in 2007 with Carlos López Valdez, another priest who was arrested after abusing a minor for 20 years, being arrested and sent to prison in the Men's Preventive Prison.

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According to what was compiled about the case, López Valdez was denounced for pedophilia 11 years ago by a young man named Jesús Romero, who was suffering his abuse for 4 years (he had been an altar boy in his house in Cuernavaca and, later, parish priest in the parish of San Agustín de las Cuevas, in Tlalpan). When all this came to light, the Ecclesiastical Court of the First Archdiocese of Mexico asked to start the corresponding trial against them. And the list of accused Mexican church members is far from over …

Another case that also became very popular in the media was that of Carlos Franco Pérez Méndez, a pastoral vicar of the Cathedral of Oaxaca, who even being judged by the catechist Lenin Moisés López Jiménez and his family, dared to deny all their crimes. The boy appeared with his family to speak with the highest authority of the institution, saying that Father Carlos had raped him, to which the presbyter claimed to be innocent of all the infamies attacked against him.

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Returning to the case of José Ataulfo ​García, what has the Church done about it? Of course, it has denied that this priest has belonged at some time to that ecclesiastical congregation, and consequently, he has not been acquitted of his "crimes", according to the most recent national media. Another English medium, "catholicnewsagency", in addition to the Archdiocese of Mexico, has questioned this whole issue, saying that "there is no record of that minister in the Dioceses that make up the province of Oaxaca." It is said that the mother of one of the victims tried to send the case to the Vatican, but she gave up and relegated it to the Mexican institution.

The numerous denunciations against members of the Mexican Catholic Church for crimes of pedophilia have already come to light through civil associations and many parents, but the authorities still do not intervene, and those responsible continue to act in their own way. With this article, we do not intend to offend all the believers of the Catholic Church because we think that it is an institution that has carried out many social works and other good things, but cases like this stain their image greatly.
What do you think about this case and the actions that have been taken against it?

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