Published 2018-02-16
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Jennifer’s broken heart turns out to be Brad Pitt’s irresistible temptation

It’s over. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced that they decided to break up and get divorced. They spent two years together, and their divorce has been one of the biggest bombshells of show business in the world. For Aniston, it’s the second divorce as she also split up with Brad Pitt in 2005. For Justin, it’s the first one. The couple was together for seven years. They got married in 2015. The wedding was kept a secret, and only close family members and friends were present on that special day.

Jennifer’s broken heart turns out to be Brad Pitt’s irresistible temptation 1

When the couple announced their decision, it shocked all the mass media and their fans. The rumor was that they pretended to be in a happy marriage for a long time. But actually, they had never-ending arguments. They couldn’t even agree on the place they wanted to move into. Jennifer loves Los Angeles, where she owns a huge property in Bel Air. But her husband definitely prefers New York. Their arguments were mostly on that matter. However, that was not the only reason for their separation...

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The actress allegedly hated his... female companions. Justin has a lot of friends who are not only men and even after their marriage he didn’t refuse to meet them. He liked going out frequently, but the actress was rather a homebody. That made her crazy. The other reason for their constant quarrels was a baby. Aniston claimed many times that she wouldn’t like to have children, but it was probably just an official statement for her fans. They allegedly tried to have a baby but finally thought about adoption or hiring a surrogate mother.

They actually spent their last Christmas separately, and at the end of 2017 Justin moved out from their mansion. They broke up just a year after Pitt and Angelina's parting. That made their fans dream about Pitt and Jennifer’s return as they were one of the most popular and loved couples of the 90s. They got married in 2000 but got divorced in 2005. The official explanation of their break-up was unacceptable differences which were frequent sources of their quarrels. Yet, they tried to save their marriage by attending special therapies but to no avail.

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After the Braniston divorce, Brad started dating Angelina Jolie whom he met during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It quickly turned out that close relations between Brad and Angelina were probably one of the causes of the divorce. Jennifer suffered badly after the break-up especially after finding out that her ex-husband found a new date so quickly. So after that shocking divorce, all the mass media concentrated on the new relationship of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actors. Then suddenly another scandalous news was revealed that no one would ever believe.

It was allegedly Angelina’s decision. Their relationship was thought to be ideal, inspiring and one of the hottest in Hollywood. But finally, it ended. The speculations on that matter are really different. One of the causes was Brad’s inclination to heavy drinking. It is also said that the source of conflict was their children. Allegedly, Angelina wanted to adopt even more children but Brad didn’t agree. After their break-up, she put forward a motion to grant her sole custody to all of their 6 children.

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Brad revealed that his marriage with Angelina was toxic from the very beginning. He claimed that except for their intimate moments they actually had very little in common. The most shocking thing he said was that their marriage was... 12-years of hell. Now it’s time for regrets, as Bad says that he feels remorse about all the offensive words he told Jennifer after their break-up. He also can’t forgive himself that he was such a bad husband to her. Is there a chance that Jennifer and Brad will be together again?

What does Jennifer say about that shocking break-up? She claims that she is not sad about it and is even a little bit satisfied but has never wished anyone bad. Yet, some people admit that the Aniston actually saw something bad coming to their marriage and she thought that Angelina is not an appropriate woman for Brad. After the divorce Brad’s mum, Jane… called Jennifer asking her for help. Supposedly, she was worried about her son’s health and claimed he couldn’t deal with the matter. She asked the actress to care about him.

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The other surprising news is that Brad renewed the acquaintance with his ex-wife, Jennifer. Tabloids claim that ex-spouses text each other regularly! According to their source of information, Brad trusted her and admitted to her that after his break-up he experienced difficult moments that are hard to deal with. They also recall their mutual memories. That began when Brad sent Aniston birthday wishes on 11th February. That enabled them to talk about their past when they were together.

It seems that long conversations with Jen helped Brad a lot and he finally got over his break-up with Angelina. At that moment he thought about asking Jennifer for the second chance but didn't want to destroy her own marriage which still lasted then. While being with Angelina, she got angry when he tried to seek contact with his ex-wife, and he had to promise her that he would never talk to Jennifer again. Now both Brad and Aniston are free so maybe there is a chance that they fall in love with each other again.

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