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9 Most ridiculous stars’ diets

Celebrities don’t hesitate to waste lots of money on special food, dieticians, therapies, gym. Such measures need to be taken to look perfect and lose some weight, especially if the previous role in the film required them to put on some weight. Hollywood is abundant in lots of dieticians so some stars can choose from the most ridiculous options that you would never try or even think of. Some of them are so strange that can pose danger to your health. In this article, a few celebrities admitted to every trying some tricks and its aim was to make them slim and pretty.

Kate Moss

Modeling is a cruel world, that’s for sure. Kate Moss revealed that at the peak of her career, she was addicted to some illegal substances. In one of the interviews, she said that those illegal substances, along with coffee, helped her suppress her hunger. Now that has changed and the model is obsessed with detox diets. She even went to Turkey to participate in such detox therapy. She was drinking fresh juice and herbal teas. Also, she took part in yoga and pilates classes. Such one-week treatment cost her £3.500 and she lost 2kg thanks to that.

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Renee Zellweger

She kept putting on and losing weight many times as the role as Bridget Jones required that. To come back to her normal size she was on a diet based on drinking lots of black coffee and eating eggs. She was also running a lot as according to her, it’s one of the best ways to look good. She even didn’t give up this kind of sport after her doctor forbids her to do that because of her problems with her hip. The actress also admitted to trying Atkins Diet, one of the strictest diets, which is low in carbohydrates and you need to avoid, e.g. cereal products, fruits or milk.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Lots of other stars can be fascinated by her impeccable figure. How does she watch her figure? Gwyneth avoids meat, gluten, vegetables and fruits which may contain some pesticides! She also cuts down on dairy products. Only during the weekend, she allows herself for some bad habits. She is crazy about healthy eating! Sometime after receiving her Oscar, she admitted, that for the breakfast she drinks a smoothie with… moon dust. Each smoothie, containing not only dust powder but also protein powder, coconut and almond milk, costs around $10.52.

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Kate Winslet

The actress revealed that she managed to lose 25 kg because she followed the advice of Elizabeth Gibaud, a famous and loved by celebrities dietitian. She is on a … face diet. What is that? This diet is based on reading some ‘alarming signs’ from your face. You need to analyze your skin as different tones, lines or any other changes may reveal a lot. For example, blushed cheeks can mean lactose intolerance. The condition of your skin may also tell you that you lack minerals or you’re simply dehydrated. If you follow this diet you can become more active and vital. It also helps hair to be stronger and shiny and ski to look healthier.

Christina Aguilera

At the beginning of her career she was quite slim but with time she put on some weight and even if she declared that she likes her new plumpy figure she decided to go on 7-Day Color Diet. It seems strange but quite reasonable. According to this diet, every different color means different food. It goes like this: milk products (white), tomatoes (red), lettuce (green), carrots (orange), berries (black), pumpkin (yellow), aubergine (purple). Christina eats products in one color every day, beginning with white products on Monday. On Sunday she allows herself to mix the colors.
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Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst follows a so-called alkaline diet which is connected with remaining appropriate pH value in your organism. Its supporters claim that you need to get rid of products that may acidify your body. These products are meat, eggs, milk and cereal products and any illegal substances. You are allowed to eat fruits, vegetables, or nuts. She also works with her personal trainer- 90 minutes every day, 4 times a week. Also, her instructor tells her to exercise with an empty stomach, which allegedly decreases any risk of stomach pains.


She is faithful to a macrobiotic diet. It’s an oriental, Japanese way of dieting that combines philosophy and health. It is known for 100 years! Following this diet, you can lose around 3 kg within 2 weeks. So she eats tofu, brown rice, rice pasta, green vegetables, plums, sauerkraut, and quinoa. She avoids milk and cereal products, especially those which contain wheat. She has her own chef that prepares meals wherever she currently stays. However, when she spends weekends with her children Madonna allows herself for some bad habits, such as pizza or other things she normally doesn’t eat.

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Megan Fox

She is in love with Paleo Diet. This diet is based on eating food that prehistoric hunters ate. It’s also called ‘caveman diet’. She avoids processed food, sugar, wheat. The things she regularly consumes are fish, lean meat, mushrooms, seafood, vegetables, and fruits. Megan states that the diet helped her get rid of baby fat so she came to her normal size much quicker after giving birth to her child. Yet, the dietitians alarm that being on this diet for a long time can mean some medical complications, e.g for your kidneys or liver.

Reese Witherspoon

She found a very unusual way to watch her figure as she eats...baby food. She keeps buying small jars of this kind of food that is rich in lots of vitamins. And Reese is not the only star who found that kind of diet beneficial. Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, and even Beyoncé admitted to trying that crazy thing. Not only is this diet quite cheap, but also nutritional and cleansing your body of any toxins. Yet, the dieticians say that it is more reasonable consume baby food for breakfast or as snacks and if possible, have a normal dinner.

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