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7 Tricks of women's manipulation that men have not yet deciphered...

A manipulating person tries to behave artistically or unfairly with someone to favor the interests of themselves or of another person and it is said that it is an art that women know how to use well. Men, to a certain extent, enjoy these tricks, although they do not consider them as such. For them, it's about women with charisma; they love the mystery and do not even try to discover what it is all about. That is why men should try not to fall into the hands of a manipulative woman because if they do, only God knows what will happen. Do not miss 7 ways that women use to manipulate men...

1. Excessive

We all love compliments, right? Well, the same goes for men. But what do you think about it? They usually have a big ego and women know well how to feed it through flattery. It is not uncommon, there are couples who are complimented all the time. However, you may notice that the praises sound excessive, even with great emotion. Depending on the man, the compliments will be one way or another; some can be fixed in appearance, others in their minds and several in the successful lifestyle. It is not surprising that most of them know which ones to use to make men "take revenge".

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2. Fake crying

No matter how strong a man is, they do not know how to handle a crying girl, especially if it's the girl they like. And while a man may panic depending on the situation, some women smile inside because they know they have already earned it. This is one of the oldest tricks that exist: you cry and your momentary desires are fulfilled, as happens when children do with their parents. In many situations, what can we do to prevent a child from crying? We give you the candy. Well, it's the same with men, they give in to pressure. And it works almost all the time!

3. The comparisons are odious

We have all been deceived in this way, even the girls. It is a super classic movement. Do you remember the boys and their ego? Well, they also do not like to be compared with others of the same kind because they have a competitive temperament. As a result, they will be provoked and will yield to your will. You can start your prayer by saying: "Do you know what a boyfriend gave to Monica the other day? Why do you never do something like that for me? "They may get immediate results, because for them, they are liking the other boy more than they are, and they cannot stand it.

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4. Make him feel important

Today, men seldom have the opportunity to take their "knight in shining armor" side, since women are incredibly strong and independent and do not feel the need to seek help with them for each task. The females are intelligent and use this trick at the right time to get the right thing. Being helpless makes men feel important and good to themselves that they would do almost anything to show them that they are useful and that they can help in many ways.

5. Avoid him

At the beginning of the relationship, it is men who use this technique, but women do not forget anything and then adapt it later to keep them on alert. If you start to avoid him, not pay attention or delay the answers to his text messages, he will be frightened while thinking about what he has done wrong. He will try to decipher the code, although, in reality, he has not done anything wrong and just try to bring the relationship to life. This can be counterproductive, as they could give up altogether and find their interest elsewhere.

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6. Constant complaints

Complaining is an art: if you abuse it, you will be condemned. If, on the other hand, you do not care about anything, it will not work either. In other words, women like to show their opinion about everything: weight, clothes of another person and others. A woman's mind is always working and she needs to have something to hold on to. Scolding can be a weapon to get what they want because men are too tired to hear the same complaints and will be responsible for meeting their needs.

7. Disturbing silence

Do you know what really is scary? When a woman stops talking. If you have argued with your girl and she is not talking to you, it means that the situation is getting worse. While it is true that you may not send a text message throughout the day and now you are anxious thinking carefully what to say, careful, you could make it explode and you do not want to do that. In this way, you try to be nicer and do what you asked for recently and while you are going crazy, she is having fun.

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What about men's manipulation?

Daniel Cesarz, the psychotherapist, clinical se*ologist, was asked a question: "Can you create a successful relationship with a man who uses manipulation in relationships with a woman?" and this is what he answered: "He is sensitive if she meets his expectations, frigid when he wants to get something. The prize is showing feelings, punishment - lack of them. This is an example of one of the manipulation games that can take place between partners. If such a relationship would have a good prognosis, it is probably worth the partner to unmask and name games, to which her partner invites her to trick her. At the moment when such a game will be named, it is also possible to consider whether we want to play it, and if so, set clear rules, according to which it will take place."


Women are not evil! After reading this, do not relate it to your friends, because it is not the case with all of them. Sometimes, simply, you are not doing the right thing and your reactions correspond to reality. Emotionally, females are at a different level than men, so if you ask about their appearance, expect to get an honest answer, no tricks involved. Try to be active in all fields; pay attention, say compliments from time to time and understand. Be happy.

Do you know any other tricks?
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