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10 David Brents of The Office from all around the world!

The Office is an original BBC series, however, you probably know it because you have your version of it on TV! Here are all the remake versions of this outstanding series.
1. India
Firstly we will start with Indian version since this is the new topic of the town. Everyone is talking about how The Office is going to India! The story is going to revolve around Jagdeep Chaddha who is a manager in a suburbian company in New Delhi. Before all these copies there was an original version with which we will carry the article on.

2. UK

Ricky Gervais was the one who played the original character of David Brent. The UK version was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The sitcom is about the everyday life of an office worker and the struggles. The series was almost canceled due to the low rating of it but since then, it has become one of the most successful British comedy series that has many duplicates. The success of the series leads to an international franchise of it.

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3. United States

Of course, United States could not stay behind and not have the series now that it had become an international sensation, right?! The United States version of the series is so far one of the most successful ones as it is the award-winning one! The series ran for continuous nine seasons from 2005 to 2013. The character of David Brents was played by Steve Carell. The USA version went on to receive four Primetime Emmy Awards. The other stars of the show were Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer.

4. Canada

The series went on the captivate the market in Canada as well. Can you guess where in Canada?! Quebec! So the Quebecois version of The Office went on with a different title as ‘La Job’ and it ran for one series in 2006. This is known to be the third adaptation of the original series and the second one in a language other than the native English of the original version. The casts of the Quebecois version were Antoine Vézina as David Brents, Sébastien Huberdeau as Louis Tremblay and Sophie Cadieux as Anne Viens.

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5. Chile

The other version of the internationally known series was La Ofis which was the first South American version of the series and it ran in 2008. Luis Gnecco, an Oscar-nominated star played the character of David Brents, however, the namings were different here so you can see them as a character called Manuel Cerda. Wernham Hogg also received a new name called Papeles Lozano.

6. Czech Republic

Like all these were not enough, we had another version of the series coming in 2014 as it was said. We are not sure if by the change of the name, the series still remains the same but this is what happened with The Office in more than one cases and the whole benefit it had for Gervais was enough to ignore the change in the name, or not?! The Czech version of the television series was called Kancl and it ran for one season. This time the name of David Brents turned into Marek Chvala by Vaclav Kopta.

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7. Finland

Finland version of the series was the latest ones in terms of timing before the announcement of the Indian version of the series. Technically, the Indians stole the Finnish’s storm! But they all have a different touch and name anyway, right?! The series is a 16 episode one. Suzanne Kendrick talked about this version saying: "It’s been fifteen years since The Office first aired in the UK, so it is a great pleasure to see this incredibly adaptable format celebrate this milestone with a Finnish version. I’ve no doubt it will enjoy the same success in Finland particularly with Sami Hedberg in the lead role."

8. France

Even though there was a French version of The Office in Quebec, another version of it was released in France as well since the languages are not as similar as people might think. This one was the first non-English version of the series that went on air in Le Bureau in 2006 for one season. Francois Berleand plays Gilles Triquet the main character of the series David Brents. Other than the USA version of the series, seems like the rest did not do much good!

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9. Germany

The German version of the series was not announced as the official remake of the British series but there were so many similarities for people to think of it as one! The show started in 2004 and continue till 2012 known to be inspired by the original version of the series. Gervais in 2006 said: "I must say I was very surprised, It's not like the Germans to just march in and take something that isn't theirs."! They, however, reached out and fixed what was left unsolved. Christoph Maria Herbst was the one who played the main character in this series.

10. Sweden

There were two other versions of the series; one Israel and the other Sweden one. The Swedish version of the series ran for two seasons from 2012 to 2013 starring Henrik Dorsin as the show's David Brent. The Scandinavian actor said about the series: "It feels good to contribute with something of my own... when you're working with a proven show like The Office."

If you have watched any of the other version, let us know which one was the funniest and the most successful in your opinion.

2. UK

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3. United States
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10 David Brents of The Office from all around the world!
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