Published 2018-02-22
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PISCES health tips

Pisces are people who can adapt to any situation and are very positive. They go with the flow and are almost always in a good mood. They get along with everyone too. They are usually very popular with their friends and everyone loves to talk to them. Pisceans are highly empathic, they have the ability to tune into the deepest and most subtle feelings of the mental state of the people around them. If you have a broken heart, do not hesitate to call them! These people are tremendously intuitive as if they were born with a sixth sense.

They can easily grasp the true motives and intentions of a person; So, it's a good idea to ask your friend that was born in February for an opinion when you feel trapped. One of their mottos is to help everyone. They are the happiest when they can give and share their fortune with those in need. They are very generous with gifts and attention, and you can always count on them if required. In relationships, Pisces is one of the signs that can best suit those born in February, since both give love to others, so that makes them great partners.

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These guys would do everything to make their loved ones happy and make them feel special. Whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship, they are fiercely faithful. When they are in love, they are very dedicated couples and they give everything every day. They love peace, hate fighting and getting into arguments. For them, being in a peaceful state is necessary. They like to please their loved ones. Their emotions are honest and genuine. With the help of their highly creative imagination, they can surprise you with their imagination. They make the perfect partners and will give that movie romance that we all seek.

What we do not know much is that the zodiac sign you were born under can actually affect every aspect of your life and the health part is no exception. The health issues and problems that you might face in your life might be just the same as the ones a friend of yours is facing and when you get to learn more about it, you find out that you guys were born under the same Zodiac sign. With the help of Stephanie Gailing, Astrologer & Wellness Alchemist, we will give you some health tips.

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People who were born under this sign need to know that they need to put the focus on certain parts of their body. The foot is one of those body parts that need much more attention in comparison to the rest of the body parts. This time of the year is the dreamy part of the year so we might end up having bruised toes and foot! Take care of the sole of your feet during this time. Try not to go with fashion and what is trendy if it is not comfortable. Stephanie Gailing says: "Check out myrrh for cracked heels, tea tree for athlete’s foot, and peppermint for tired tootsies."

One of the most important things for everyone is to get enough sleep because that has a direct effect on your productivity and illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure comes as the consequences of this lack of sleep. What you need to do during this time is to let go of all your electronic devices and give your eyes and your body some rest during the time you are not working. Take a nice bath and relax. If there are some other things that worry you, try flower essences such as White Chestnut and Mimulus.

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What is so important about your eating habits at this time is to chew well and pay attention to the texture of the food and the aroma so that you can enjoy the meal completely. There are some certain foods that are considered better for you to have and most importantly is the seafood! The symbol of this zodiac sign is two fish so it makes sense for seafood to be the best option for this sign. These types of food are rich in protein. Having more omega-3s in your diet also can be a great help. Also, seas vegetables are perfect for a healthier diet during this time.

Another thing that is of vital importance during this zodiac sign is sea salt since it is more mineral rich salt. Stephanie Gailing says: "While you can readily get sea salt at your local market, specialty stores also offer an array of unique options from around the world: French fleur-de-sel, pink Hawaiian, and pyramid-shaped Balinese are just a few examples. The crystals of sea salt are also uniquely beautiful, with the different varieties featuring distinct colors, textures and taste—connect you to the sea at its source."

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And finally, the relaxation part of this month which is also quite important. Reflexology, zone therapy, is an alternative medicine that is proceeded with putting pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion, is the perfect relaxation method for this period of time. It helps with opening up the energy channels. Hypnotherapy is also another spa treatment that can be great for you during this time as it deals with insomnia and anxiety and it also reduces pain.

Meditation can also be a great relaxation technique that can be used to reach a better mental health during this time. It helps you with reducing the level of stress and any kinds of illness that is related to stress also it helps you with any illness that is heart-related. Moving through water is also something that can help you with your health in this period. Soaking in the water can help you with reducing the level of stress and tension which is what this zodiac sign is all about.

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