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7 Things proving that laughter can be extremely beneficial

According to scientists, there are at least 10 kinds of laughter. And even small babies can laugh when they are just 5 months old! Laughter can be a sign of happiness or uncontrolled fear. It is an expression of our emotions and is created in our minds entirely spontaneously so you can’t control that you suddenly want to laugh. It can be true or artificial. Laughter is present in our lives every day and has enormous benefits. The best facts that you can laugh as often as you want (except for some serious formal situations) and you have it for free! It’s time to know benefits that can fascinate and make you smile even more!

1. Good mood

Maybe the following fact will make you laugh more often. As 1 minute of unforced laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation that you experience later. And that was scientifically proved. Not only laughter but also sheer smile can cause endorphins ‘happiness hormones’ to be released in our bodies. Also, laughter block cortisol ‘stress hormone’ which is detrimental to your brain and muscles. So generally you feel happier, relaxed and can relieve the tension that you might feel during the day. If you want to fight stress and nervous situations, just smile!

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2. Blood system

Did you know that when you laugh your blood flows by 20% faster than usual? Due to this fact, your blood pressure is lower and your heart works more efficiently. Dr. Michael Miller from the Maryland University claims that proper daily amount of laughter may affect your heart and blood vessels in a similar way as a workout! Moreover, Japanese scientists claim that laughter effectively decreases blood sugar both for healthy people and those who suffer from diabetes and increased amount of good cholesterol!

3. Immunity

Additionally, laughter increases the number of T lymphocytes which fight with viruses in our bodies and also other antibodies that protect our upper airway from germs. Endorphins, 'happiness hormones' released when your brain is ventilated while laughing, also have anti-inflammatory qualities. Adrenaline and cortisol which weaken your immunity, are also blocked when you enjoy laughing. In general, happy people become ill less often, comparing to their gloomy friends.

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4. Burnt calories and relaxed muscles!

Laughter is probably the easiest and the most pleasant way to care for your muscles! When you smile, you engage muscles in your face, stomach, diaphragm, and shoulders. You can also burn lots of calories! 1 minute of laughing means that 12 calories are burnt! Isn’t it a perfect diet? You probably didn't know that laughter works the same as a painkiller! It also minimizes your muscles’ tension. When you suddenly have a painful cramp, then don’t cry and rush for the pills. The best thing you could do is just to smile. Or if your limbs sometimes seem to be numb then offer them ‘laughter therapy’.

5. Positive energy!

Did you know that your smile can mean a lot to other people? When we see smiling faces, we tend to return it or at least we feel better. If your friends are happy, joyful and witty people then you will wind down among them better and forget about your problems than being with someone who just complains about everything and laugh is not what they practice too often. Researchers claim that smile is one of the most important criteria when it comes to judging people. When you smile you seem to be more attractive, confident and friendly so you also have bigger chances to get a job or promotion at work!

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6. Lots of oxygen

When you smile you breathe in more oxygen than in other situations when you’re sad or serious. Deep breath, longer exhaust, and sudden diaphragm’s muscle cramp clear your lungs from harmful substances. So when your circulatory system is awakened and ready, it spreads oxygen in blood more effectively to all the tissues in your body. Additionally, when your lungs are supplied with more oxygen, it means that your brain is ventilated enough and in consequence, you absorb any information and knowledge better and remember them for a longer time.

7. It makes you pretty

Laughter causes your blood vessels to widen which affect your skin. It will be nourished and cleaned. Lifted corners of your mouth make your face look younger and cheerful. When your scalp is more supplied with blood, it also has the influence on your hair as it starts to be stronger and healthier. When we smile we hide some defects our appearance and we are generally considered as more attractive. It also increases your chances to find a partner and as men reveal that they appreciate when women laugh at their date's jokes.

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What is interesting...

You already know that smile is like yawning. It can be infectious! When you see happy people who are laughing aloud then your face muscles will involuntarily be triggered to smile. Are you in a bad mood and don't feel like laughing at all? You can still deceive your body! If you force a smile, you also enjoy its benefits and uplift your mood. Endorphins will take care of it and all your problems will seem smaller!

Another interesting fact is that women tend to laugh more often than man, except for smiling at work or similar social situations when the frequency is not so different. There was also a survey conducted on smiling which showed that we laugh at work more rarely than at home but 30% respondents smiled from 5 to 20 times during one working day and 28% people smile more than 20 times during their work. It seems that there is always a good time to do it!

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