Published 2018-02-23
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Foolproof ways to make every guy impressed

Every new relationship is full of thrill, adrenaline and surprising facts about our partners that we discover every day. Both partners care about themselves and want to impress each other. That’s normal as we want to encourage them to continue dating. If you behave like someone else on your dates, swear a lot and boast about all your achievements then don’t count on more dates. You can always impress him differently! Some solutions make every man crazy in love with their ladies. These tips are waiting for you in this article.


You want to impress him but not in a desperate way? That’s so easy! You just need to have…a passion! For sure you must have some hobby. Maybe cooking, singing, playing basketball or maybe running marathons? If you show your partner how talented and truly devoted you are to that passion, then he will be impressed and proud of you. You can take him to the club for karaoke or paint a picture of him. There are lots of creative ideas, and you just need to trigger your imagination.

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Men are definite visualisers, so they don’t only pay attention to the girls who are smart and eloquent but especially those who are hot, fashionable and know how to highlight their feminine attributes. If you have long legs, then go for short skirts, dresses and high heels. If your breasts are quite ample, then don’t hide this fact by wearing turtlenecks! Another thing is perfume. Men can remember your favorite perfume and then when you use it again, it will recall memories from your past dates.

Common things

You don’t have to be fascinated by each other only on a physical basis. Your common interests are also important. That’s why try to discover what he is interested in. Maybe he didn’t tell you about all such things thinking that you would find it boring. So surprise him! Ask his friends about it discreetly and then buy tickets for the match with his favorite team or invite him to the gym. If you both share the same interest, then it’s just perfect! You can continue it together and spend more time in your own company.

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Something new

Men love women who are not afraid of the slightest things and eagerly try new challenges. For example, you can find some restaurant with quite strange but also tasty food. You may be scared to try it, but you don’t have to be alone! Invite your boyfriend and show him how brave you are. He won’t think that you are so weak and picky as his ex-girlfriend. Your partner will know that even if he takes you to the jungle or some other risky journey, you won’t cry and be helpless. You will always manage somehow!

‘Yes, I was wrong’

Obstinacy and defending your opinion obsessively are always irritating to men. He doesn't want to see that you are never ready to compromise. So if you can stand corrected and say magic words ‘You were right,’ then he will be really impressed. And it doesn’t mean that you are a loser and a compliant person. Try to listen to him and notice some good sides of his opinion. If he truly loves you, he doesn’t want harm to you. And after quarrels, you don’t have to be arrogant and resentful for a couple of days. Instead, laugh at your arguments and how silly they are sometimes.

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Animal lover

Men love when their girlfriends take care of their pets and are not indifferent to their needs and harm. It also shows that you have a good heart and are worthy of his attention. When you play with your pets, make funny faces and talk to them as if they are babies, then he will find you sweet and charming. He will truly appreciate your constant care especially if he is a dog or cat owner himself. So if you don’t have any pets, maybe that’s a good reason to buy one?

Male knowledge

Do you know what offside is? If yes, then you have extra points! Do you know how to replace motor oil? He will be really impressed and totally surprised! If you know some stuff from motor area or sport, which is rather typical to be known by men, then you show him that you are not only interested in cosmetics or new clothes. This is hot, attractive and gives you additional topics to talk about on your dates. Who knows? Maybe the next time, he will also surprise you by knowing more kinds of shoes other than high heels...

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Another foolproof idea to impress your guy is a straightforward one. Just smile a lot and be natural. Don’t act like an unavailable and cold lady all the time! He needs to feel comfortable and relaxed with you to continue dating with you. If you are smiling and happy around him, then he will always be in love with you. Even quarrels would happen less often as laughter is a great cure for tension and complaining. Most of the men can’t resist girls who have such a positive attitude to life, so that’s a great way to find your Prince Charming.

Gifts and surprises

What kind of gift could you give to him to make him impressed? Probably not another pair of socks or a crime story. It’s very nice of you but also boring! If you want to impress him, you should surprise him with something extraordinary. Something that he would never expect from you. Some idea? Make your life unusual by changing your menu! If you always have chicken for Monday, pizza for Friday and so on, then this time you can prepare octopus or some crazy dessert full of aphrodisiacs. Then take him to some mysterious place (maybe haunted?) and enjoy your thrilling adventure together. Men love mysterious girls, that’s for sure.

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