Published 2018-02-23
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Everyone who has got a dog knows the following situations

"My name is Erez Zadok, and I’m an illustrator and comic book artist, and my goal is to create simple but relatable illustrations about the everyday joys of raising my female dog, Joya." Check out his drawings showing 10 common situations every dog owner experiences every day.

1. Jumping all of a sudden
The dog is not able to jump on someone when they are sitting, lying down or it is not able to for different reasons (e.g., when it is in a kennel cage). Substitute behavior is often easier to control than a simple ban "don't do it." Ask a family member or friend to help you get rid of this behavior of your dog. Fasten the dog on a leash and let your helper press the doorbell. Go to the door with the dog and give it the command to sit down. As soon as it sits, open the door. When the person comes in, ask him to give the dog the command again to sit down and reward the dog with a treat when it does this.

2. Your dog sleeps with you in your bed

Did you know that the physical and psychological comfort caused by the presence of a dog in bed can contribute to sleep improvement? Many dog owners feel peace and security when their shaggy household is in the bedroom. Interestingly, in many cases, the admission of a dog to bed resulted in a reduction of insomnia. The proximity of the dog is also very pleasant.

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3. Sniffing other dog from you

Interestingly, some researchers decided to trigger a brain reaction only on the basis of smell, without human presence. This means that the brain's reaction was caused by something distant and therefore the dogs must have a mental representation of the human in the brain. The author of the study, Gregory Berns from the Center for Neuropolicy Emory University, emphasizes that the dog's reactions may be similar to human ones while sensing the scent of a loved one. However, it must be remembered that canine smell is much more sensitive than that of humans, especially when it comes to smelling other dogs from their human...

4. Damaging things

All dogs must use teethers. It is a fact, and it is worth to stock up on specially designed toys or ingredients of a dog's diet. If a dog bites the equipment of your home during your absence, it is best to limit him/her to move freely around it. You can allocate one room for your pet or set a kennel cage and leave it to the teether. Your dog will be able to satisfy the need to bite and at the same time will not be able to choose among your precious items in your home. If you are not interested in the teether, try another method until you find the perfect one.

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5. Not willing to take a bath

Most dogs simply love contact with water. They are great swimmers, they love playing with, for example, a garden hose or a grass sprinkler. Some individuals, however, have an almost allergic attitude to water. On a daily basis, this is not a problem; problems appear only when it is necessary to bathe our four-legged friend. In some cases, a reluctance to swim does not necessarily mean a general dislike of water. Some dogs who play in the water and are great swimmers do not like bathing themselves. They may feel discomfort due to interference with their body or dislike contact with cleaning products, for example, because of their odor.

6. Collecting poops outside (and inside)

More and more people are aware of this obligation, but still entering the publicly accessible lawn is associated with the risk of leaving the sole with what we would like to wish for the least. While many dog owners clean up the feces of their pets, others are surprised and are not even aware of this obligation or simply ignore it. We currently have several easy solutions available; we can use traditional bags, to buy at any pet store or supermarket.

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7. Making fun of your dog

As you've probably noticed, in the real world and sometimes on the internet - people like to dress their animals funnily. Sometimes it is actually about dressing, for example, we put on dogs t-shirts, so they do not get cold in the winter. More often, however, it is about dressing up, making up the craziest costumes and uploading photos to the Web. Just look at the picture down below. Isn't it funny?

8. Asking for food

It is better to prevent this habit than to unlearn it later. Teach the dog to stay in its place, in another room or in a kennel cage during your meal. You can leave its favorite teether. Release it only when you're done eating. The consequence is very important here, if the dog once finds out that it can accompany you during the meal, it will be harder for it to unlearn its begging. All family members should be patient during a loud barking or moaning - as long as it is necessary. Release the dog only when it calms down.

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9. Losing its fur

A beautiful, early morning. My dog begins its daily ritual in the bedroom waiting for me to get out of bed. I am almost sure that in its small head the thought is born: "my man will soon get up, so I have to scratch loudly, yawn, mop, sigh, and gasp." I would also add stamping to this set, but it probably does subconsciously. I get up urged by nipping the black nose, we greet happily (after all, the night is all eternity) and what appears to my eyes ...? fur, fur everywhere... It is a sign that my beloved dog is losing fur again. Ah, those hot days...

10. Others perceive you as a good person

If you're a dog lover, then sometimes you have similar insights about strangers. If someone newly met has a dog or becomes interested in your pet, a thin thread of sympathy and understanding appears immediately. It is not without reason that a doggy friend with a stupid dog gets along. However, the relationship between man and dog is deeper rooted in culture and society than we sometimes think.

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2. Your dog sleeps with you in your bed
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Everyone who has got a dog knows the following situations
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