Published 2018-02-23
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9 Things that women do when they cheat on their partners...

Sometimes women are too complex to decipher or, simply, many men do not put all their senses into trying to uncover their thoughts and feelings. But what is clear is that once they take the step to try to be unfaithful, ALL make the same mistakes that betray them. If you want to know if your partner is cheating on you, you should only review this list to see if you identify it at any specific point. Surely you would have overlooked it.

1. She has a new friend

On many occasions, we see the figure of a new intimate friend of our partner, someone with whom she shares a natural affinity superior to that which she professes towards us. It is only a matter of time that you can forge something more, so try to know it, do not leave them alone and, above all, distrust if you do not stop talking about him or how well they fall and what makes you laugh. After all, we're sure you've ever found yourself on the other side of the wall trying to conquer some other woman. Sometimes they are double-edged weapons.

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2. Hides her phone

Social networks and the telephone are weapons that everyone uses to know and, above all, to flirt with possible lovers of our environment. That is why we tend to guard when we have conversations inside or if unexpected answers can be produced that could put us in a situation of risk. If you notice that your partner suddenly starts not wanting to leave your mobile somewhere, be careful. Although it is also true that it could be because she wants to give you a surprise party, be careful when accusing or destroying the situation.

3. Accuses you that you are cheating

If your partner wants to break your relationship, she will seek by all means to pass the blame on you to avoid feeling bad, especially if you do not give her reasons to do so. For that reason, the best excuse is to start suspecting each and every one of the women in your environment and try to accuse you that you are cheating on them. If you see that this behavior is repeated, try to talk to your partner to find out if there is something else or simply feel jealous of that other person. Knowing all these steps will make you see the infidelities from afar.

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4. Starts having plans without you

Not having enough time to lead a double life is usually a problem that is usually camouflaged with supposed hangouts with friends. If you discover that your partner radically changes her appearance and that she always starts to leave alone with her friends, she begins to ask you to tell her that you want to accompany her. From the reaction she has, you can draw the conclusion you need to carry out your final deduction.

5. Always seems to be worried

Even if we manage to pass our completely secret alternative plans, if something catches our attention or is especially striking, we cannot stop thinking about it. This will make us seem constantly worried or pensive, so it will be a key to discover an infidelity. Always try to be aware of their possible reactions when you talk to see if she was dreaming or simply, it is true that seemed distracted. From the reactions they have, you can also get vital information.

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6. Does not stop fighting

When you cannot stand someone until the breath bothers you. That is why when your girl's head begins to appear possibilities of change also add new problems with you and any excuse is good to make it clear that you cannot stand. If, by the way, she gets angry enough to end the relationship and leave it clear to start a new one with that other person, even better. Therefore, if you see that anything seems to irritate her, it is very possible that it is because the end of your relationship has already begun.

7. Stays silent when you accuse her

When your mind is unprepared and someone accuses you, you usually make a perfect and seamless plan about what you have to say or do. This means that you remain blank for a moment when someone asks you if you are with another person. If it is not true, you simply become unworthy, you respond by denying or even marching irritated by such accusation. If you see that your partner seems to take a while and then says no, without developing too much response. You know that the following is going to be an authentic movie of Indians and cowboys. With the last part, you will draw your own conclusions.

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8. Wants to know your daily routine

If she is suddenly interested in knowing where you are going to be at all times without really caring what you are going to do, rest assured that it is because she wants to control yourself. Or more specifically, she wants to plan her day to be able to enjoy the other person without raising suspicions. If you want to leave doubts, try to return home before the time that you have warned and you will face reality. Of course, you may not like it too much or it really was a surprise for her.

9. Does not show signs of affection

If a person stops loving another, he also tries to fill his life with the attention of a lover. If you notice that suddenly your partner no longer seeks you, avoids you or even tries not to share with you any intimate moments, it may be time to find out what is happening in your relationship. If she gives you evasiveness or says she does not know it, it may just be that she does not want to tell you. Maybe you should review this list to see if there are many other clues to get to the truth.

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Don’t entertain this type of bull shit. This will spoil even good relationships.
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Sob hosa niki internetot ulua bostu
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