Published 2018-02-23
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9 New year resolutions that can help you build a stronger bond in your love life this year

Dating and maintaining a relationship that is long with a strong bond is something that is not that easy for couples especially living in a contemporary world that we are living in right now! There is always something. Social media, for instance, is one of the things that has a huge influence on the relationships. Also the fact that people are leading a more hectic lifestyle lately and that their expectations are being raised higher and higher from their partner by the society. So, in order to have that relationship you have always wanted with a strong bond, follow these resolutions given by matchmakers and dating coaches.

1. There is no one for me

The first thing you need to do is to stop thinking that all the good people are taken! Well, that might kind of be true but there is always a silver lining, right!? What you think turns into what you believe and what you believe later on turns into the reality because you start giving that energy to the world and so that is what you receive in return. Alter that sentence a little bit and turn it into 'There is someone out there for me and I will meet that one person when it is the right time.'

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2. Love body language

To fall in love can be the matter of seconds, however, the tough part comes when it is time to work on this relationship and take it to another level; a more solid one! The tiny arguments in the relationship are most of the time about how the couples do not understand one another's language and what they each mean whether it is the body language or even sometimes the lingo and the choice of word. What you need to learn about the person you are with is literally everything even the way express themselves. Somethings might sound offensive to one but not to the other!

3. Be active about dating

We all have heard that love will strike you when you least expect it! Well, no! Imagine someone who is going to work-going back home is her routine and in between, she meets no one new! How can she date someone when she is not interested in anyone she is working with and she does not really like to go out on the weekends!? Luckily, there are so many online dating applications that can help you have the chance to get to talk to people and then if you like them, meet them in the next step.

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4. Let the spark grow

Even though it is true that the instant chemistry does exist, there are also so many relationships that have the potential but are put out because one of the parties does not see the spark at the beginning, the first date! Who sees the spark on the first date!? If there is anyone who is reading this and had felt the chemistry right at the very beginning and she/he is still with that person, then comment on this post because that is quite rare! Give the other person a chance and let the chemistry grow.

5. Stop comparing

Going through the pictures of the couples on Instagram or any other social platform thinking what could happen if you had a relationship like the one they have! Comparing your relationship with couples that you see everywhere is one of the most dangerous things as it might destroy the whole relationship that you have! Remember that what you see on any social platform is the edited version of what is happening behind the closed doors! Give it some time. The love will grow and you will have an even better relationship.

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6. Don’t judge

When you do not have any time at all, and you really want to be active in the dating game, one of the most common choices of people is online applications that are designs to help you with the lack of time you suffer from. They cut down the useless meetings and dates by giving you the chance to talk to people before actually meeting them and get to decide if you like them or not. Here, however, there is a problem almost everyone faces, judging people before actually meeting them by a picture they have. Give them a chance if you like talking to them.

7. Be kind

This can help you before getting into a relationship and can help you with the non-judgmental face we are looking for; it helps you during your relationship with a better bonding and less of your time wasted on the trivial disagreements and also it helps you after you are done with the relationship; right when you want to break up and move on. Everyone had his or her reason for making the decision of ending a relationship. Even though it is never easy, you can still be kind during that time to get each other free and break up with as little hard feelings as possible!

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8. No Always or Never

To get a better grasp of what we are talking about here, think about the last time you had a fight with someone! Do remember any sentences with NEVER or with ALWAYS!? Ya! Most of us do. That is where we are all wrong. When you say, for instance ‘You never care’, the person has this mechanism that is searching for all the times he actually cared to prove you that you were wrong which will create this never-ending loop of him setting the examples and you trying to show how he does not care! If you need to go on with a conflict, write down the points you need to mention and stick to it.

9. No rebound

It is always easy to be with someone who has known you for awhile. With someone who feels familiar; someone who feels comfortable but, remember that there was a reason you two broke up and even if you are going to go in bed with him again after your breakup, problems are not going to magically disappear. Searching for a new person can be frustrating or even painful but if you feel like there is no chance, that you’d rather go back to the man you were with before; stop yourself right there and take some time to resolve the issues with yourself. No rebound!

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