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A story of a woman who let her MOTHER-IN-LAW carry her child!

Having a child is one of the most beautiful blessings that can happen in any person’s life. But this does not mean that it is something that will be easy, especially if the economic or social conflicts are against you. Another reason that makes us face fatherhood or motherhood more often is when one of these children comes with a difference that makes you think of your own luck and the poor kid's. Sometimes, it's not easy for a woman to become pregnant, some couples are not able to have a child at all...

Although in many parts of the world it is generally believed that children form a crucial element of every normal family, current trends show that even this aspect of our lives is changing faster than expected. With more and more frequency, especially among people from countries where the comfort of life is increasing, it is observed that people choose not to enlarge the family although they could do so without any problem. Today's story is about a woman who became pregnant with her son's baby so that her son and his wife can start a family! You cannot miss it...
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It's a human nature that we want to become parents once we already settle down, have our own house and so on... Although almost all the parents want to start a family, a typical family with children, not every couple can have their own child...They happen to experience some obstacles which enable them to do so...For example, a 29-year-old woman named Kayla Jones, who's from Texarkana, Arkansas, wanted so much to have a baby with her husband Cody, after they married back in 2012.

Too bad for the two, Kayla and Cody's dream of settling down a family was nearly impossible because Kayla underwent a partial hysterectomy at the age of just 17! The woman was told that a tumor had started to grow in her uterus and, as a consequence, a partial hysterectomy was something that should be done. "Doctors were able to save both of my ovaries, but they had to remove my uterus because there was no normal uterine tissue left," Kayla said to ALT Magazine.

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It was the time when Kayla realized that she was not and will not be able to have children in a natural way. The only way to do so was if somebody else carries the baby in her belly. "After lots of prayers, the final pathology came back benign. Doctors informed us the only way I could have biological children was to have a gestational surrogate," she added.

Therefore, Kayla and Cody started searching for potential surrogate mothers. "All of our options [for surrogates] had run out," Kayla claimed. Fortunately, Cody's 49-year-old mother, Patty Resecker, was very eager to be the couple's surrogate. Although Resecker's last pregnancy was over 20 years ago, she had no objections to going through it once again, so that her son and daughter-in-law could finally fulfill their dreams of having a baby that they wanted.

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"It has been 10 years knowing I would have to use a surrogate to have children. I’m glad it is somebody I can trust because, if I can’t do it, you know," Kayla said to KSLA. "I think it is really special in that way that she will actually be carrying her grandbaby," Cody said. The procedure became truth in March 2017 at a clinic in Dallas, and everything went well! "I am beyond blessed to be able to do that," the mother-in-law said. "I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this woman," Kayla admitted.

"Our kid is going to know that he/she was so loved; his grandmother was willing to endure blood draws, intramuscular injections, multiple testing, and nine months of pregnancy to get them here. They say it takes a village to raise a kid, but in our case, it takes a village to get them here," she added. "We are so grateful for our friends/family and all the support we have received. God is good."

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"My biggest concern is to make sure not only is the baby healthy, but my mother-in-law stays healthy, too," Kayla said. "[I’ve] got a good mother-in-law. Most people don’t like their mother-in-law, but I’ve got a good one," says Kayla. Surely, pregnancies, particularly those that happen to elder women, always got a risk but fortunately, the pregnancy did go well, and baby Kross Allen Jones was born on 30 December 2017 via cesarean.

"This is something that has blessed not only me and my family but also Kayla’s family," the woman who gave birth to the child said. "A child is a lifetime commitment and I knew there weren’t two more deserving people than them. To see them with Kross and see the parents they’re already becoming thrills my soul." All the best to the family and congratulations for such a movement! What do you think about this story?

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my eyes just packed their blood vessels and took of after reading this.
2/25/18, 7:06 AM
Was the mother-in-law the surrogacy? if so I bet she must have been fond of her son to make such sacrifice in order for her son to be happy
2/25/18, 7:06 AM
This is amazing news..
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