Published 2018-02-26
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9 Most strange jobs that people have in the world

People’s creativity and pursuit for money can’t be limited. Teacher, banker, shop assistant? That’s so boring! Maybe your parents expect you to be a famous journalist or a devoted doctor but you can still search for ideas that people wouldn’t even dream about! And that can be your way of living and earning money. If need an inspiration then this article presents the weirdest and controversial jobs that really exist in the world. One thing is for sure, those workers can’t say that their work is boring or so tedious. Even if their obligations seem to be quite simple, their friends must be really surprised finding about their occupation.

1. Professional robber

That’s not something that you could only do as an actor or if you are a criminal. In the USA there is a company that deals with robbing banks, offices, big companies. Why? To check if the security and passwords work and are solid enough to prevent any real break-ins. So institutions that store important data and lots of money can now employ a professional robber who searches for any security holes to steal money, gold or any other precious stuff. Thanks to them, security can be improved in case of real attacks.

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2. Professional cuddler

You probably got used to the fact that Japanese people are a strange nation as exactly that country is an inventor of a professional cuddler job. You may think that very few people are eager to take advantage of such service but you are wrong. If you know that after a stressful day you are only invited by your moody cat at home then you can find some consolation in someone else's shoulders. The idea is so profitable that it was also welcomed in the USA. However, you need to pay around $60 dollars per hour for such ‘companionship’. But if you’re desperate and lonely than you will probably decide to try this unique service

3. Dog food tester

This profession seems to be less tempting to try but still, it exists! A truly devoted worker believes that if we don’t want to eat something then why should it be given to our beloved animals? That’s why a dog food tester consumes every kind of dog food, no matter if it’s dry or wet. If you go to the shop you see a wide range of dog food, lamb, beef, turkey, chicken with cheese or light food for obese dogs. Such rich variety of products which are both nutritious and tasty can be achieved not only thanks to producers but also dog food testers.

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4. Pusher

In other words, it’s a railway station attendant who needs to love both trains and crowds. Taking into account a problem of the crowds that try to get into the same trains as thousands of other passengers, Japan found a perfect solution. They hired pushers! Thanks to them, more people can find some space on the train (even if it can’t be found comfortable…). Rush hours can be really tricky and nervous but if you are determined to take this particular train, then pushers will make it possible.

5. Bed warmer

Hotels try their best to welcome as many guests as possible. Also, they want to provide guests with cozy and warm beds. That’s why they started to hire… bed warmers. What do you need to do as such a worker? Well, that’s quite simple. You need to get dressed in disposable pajamas and warm the bed up to 20°C. So you just need to lie and warm the bed for most of the time. Such ‘work’ is highly appreciated as you are paid around £16 000 per year. Well, the idea seems to be quite tempting, isn’t it?

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1. Professional robber

6. Line-stander

If you don’t like nervous jobs where you need to work under pressure and your boss assigns more and more tasks to you, then there a job of a professional line-stander is just waiting for you. You wouldn’t believe how many people are so impatient while waiting in line that they hire someone to do it for them. So when there are any big sales or product launches then you just need to be quick to reserve a good place in line and then... just wait! Pay is varied but some of the professionals can earn up to $1,000 a week.

7. Panda cuddler

Do you love animals and would like to relax in some exotic place with breathtaking views? If yes, then pack your luggage and become a professional panda cuddler. Panda is currently an endangered species so the job seems to be responsible. But in reality, you just need to...cuddle them, stroke and treat like your own kids. However, you are required to know panda’s habits and how to interpret their behavior. Those who are eager to try this occupation have to be prepared for spending the whole year in a bamboo forest with this lovely fluffy, animals.

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8. Elephant stylist

If you wish someone luck then you buy them an elephant figurine with a raised trunk, right? This belief comes from the Far East where elephants are really idealized. There are also a lot of parades in which these big animals take part. That’s why they need the help of a special stylist to look attractive and interesting. Such a stylist paints sophisticated pictures on their skin and prepares extraordinary costumes decorated with gold thread and colorful trinkets. Their looks depend on the stylist’s creativity and imagination.

9. Island caretaker

There is probably no such a person who wouldn’t be willing to relax on some exotic island and forget about mundane problems. Such offer was waiting for adventurous applicants in 2009 when authorities of Hamilton, one of the islands located in Coral Reef area, were searching for a caretaker. Imagine, you could swim with turtles, sunbathe and explore the island. You would be just asked to clean the swimming pools and maintain the blog with Hamilton photos. Seems to be a dream job, isn’t it? No wonder there were 35 000 applicants eager to take up this profession.

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2. Professional cuddler
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