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Stars who should be known for their unknown skills and talents

You know these stars well and could tell what films they starred or what songs are their most popular ones. But there are also other facts that tabloids may not have written about. Would you believe that Britney Spears have something in common with actors from Fifty Shades of Grey? Or that a beautiful actress Angelina Jolie can be actually quite dangerous in reality? This article presents celebrities who have strange passions or things they collect and there are facts that may really surprise you. Their biographies are full of famous films or songs but maybe they also should be known for something else?

Johnny Depp

This very famous and a little bit eccentric Hollywood actor has a quite unusual passion which is definitely not typical for a man. Johnny Depp collects… Barbie dolls and plays with them in his free time. His amazing hobby has started when his children were little and loved their adorable dolls. But then they have grown up and Johnny’s passion still lasts. His friends say that his collection is quite impressive. The actor doesn’t deny this fact during his interviews he claims that it’s one of his most favorite hobbies.

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Tom Hanks

This American actor, film producer, and director starred lots of unforgettable films but few people probably know that he also has an unusual passion. Tom Hanks has been collecting… typewriters since 1978! He travels a lot to enhance his collection and currently, he has more than 200 typewriters. He says that he uses one of them every day as he likes the sound of typing. He just complains that bringing typewriters from other countries costs more than one such specimen. Once he bought a typewriter worth only $5 but the delivery from Australia cost $85.

Angelina Jolie

She is one of the best-paid actresses in the world so what does she do with all her money? Well, her passion doesn’t seem to be so ‘luxurious’ but still, her fans may find it ridiculous. Angelina collects... knives. She claims that this is a family tradition passed from generations to generation. When she was a 12-year old girl her mum often took her to the shop to buy her a new knife. Her son Maddox also shares this passion. The actress claims that it’s not dangerous for him as the knives are too blunt to be hurt.

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George W. Bush

Did you know that George Bush, American ex-president, loves painting? He was painting pictures of puppies, landscapes, and portraits of the best-known leaders. He got interested in the painting when he finished his presidentship and went to a painting school in Florida. Some time ago, his computer was hacked and a few paintings were published by ‘The Smoking Gun’ website. He received a lot of recognition due to that. But still, most of the people associate him just with being a president a few years ago...

Brad Pitt

Lots of impressive films, Oscar, Golden Globes, being the hottest man in the world, relationship with Angelina Jolie… He is so famous that you probably could write an essay about his life offhandedly. But did you know that he is also an architect? Interior design and architecture have always been his biggest passions. He is even one of the architects who designed a luxurious, ecological leisure complex in Dubai. He was also engaged in building eco-friendly apartments in New Orleans. It’s something that his most devoted fans probably didn’t know.

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Sylvester Stallone

Now we have another painter who is actually not known for this. After all, everyone knows who Sylvester Stallone. You probably watched many action films that he starred. He organized many exhibitions of his painting ("Sylvester Stallone – 35 years of painting" in St. Moritz). But that’s not the end. He also sells them! Such one painting is even worth $50 000. The actor admits that he would rather devote his life to painting than acting as he feels more freedom and finds it so personal when he can paint.

Eva Longoria Parker

Even if you've never watched ‘Desperate Housewives’, a popular TV series, then you still should recognize her. However, you probably didn’t know that Eva also had her own restaurant! It was a mainly Mexican restaurant and most of the dishes were made according to Eva’s recipes who finds herself a great cook. However, the actress turned out to be so greedy that she falsely accused her workers of stealing her money. In consequence, they took her to court. So now she seems to be rather infamous...

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Britney Spears

Do you know that she has a ‘fantasy room’ in her mansion? If this American singer watched Fifty Shades of Grey, she would be surprised that her idea is not that unusual… But still, it’s not what all her fans know. This room is full of similar gadgets that Christian Grey used, including handcuffs and various kinds of whips. The ceiling is covered with mirrors and wardrobes full of se*y lingerie and naughty costumes. Additionally, the room is soundproof and not available for guests who are in the celebrity’s house.

Rosie O'Donnell

If you are rich and famous, you don’t have to collect expensive and luxurious goods. Rosie O'Donnell, American comedy actress proves that even McDonald toys can be interesting and worth collecting. It all started in her childhood when she was even visiting McDonald every day to collect 100 toys connected to her favorite film. Now her collection includes more than 2 000 toys and is still growing. When Rosie is asked why she collects them, she says that they recall her childhood memories.

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