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3 Types of love that we have throughout our life...

Love is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary feelings that a human being can experience. Although it is somewhat difficult to explain, this sensation has some variants. We do not feel the same for our pet or our best friend, as we do for our parents and siblings. However, in all these cases, it is still a love, simply perceived in a different way. So many of us keep wondering if we are going to have a future with the person we are dating. We keep imagining us together in the future. Thinking about how things are going to be with them if they are the right parents.

3 Types of love that we have throughout our life... 1

How they will age and a lot more thing. We check all the aspects to see if we are going to right way if it is worth it! Some of us are not even dating anyone that we feel like it is not the one! However, one of the versions of this feeling that we like to experience the most is the one we have for those who complement us. That special being that makes us feel butterflies in the stomach, feel nervous when we have him near; that special person who steals our breath with just passing in front of us. And who does not like to feel full, happy and motivated thanks to so little?

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3 Types of love that we have throughout our life... 2

It is not only in fairy tales that people find the love of their life in the high school or their first love turns out to be their last! It happens in real life as well but lucky that we are, we need to get through every single type of a relationship to get to the one other have so easily! According to experts, we can only fall in love with three types of partners throughout our lives. First of all, when we are young we fall madly in love; we deliver everything without thinking about the consequences. Next, we learn from past mistakes and begin to think more deeply. However, we are still experimenting and can be wrong again.

3 Types of love that we have throughout our life... 3

At this point, we are more cautious and do not feel that rapt love we experienced when we were younger. However, we tend to look for challenges and often we choose a person to represent us, in adversities and conflicts, those challenges that give us experience and wisdom. However, due to the many setbacks, we may have had up to this point, many of us gave up.
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3 Types of love that we have throughout our life... 4

1. The love of youth

We fall in love, we cannot see the world without our other half and we believe it will be the end if they leave us! But the famous saying “Happily ever after” does not happen! It's usually a relationship that meets social expectations. This type of feeling is the most incredible. We do not question absolutely anything, there are no conditions; We simply give ourselves entirely, without thinking about the consequences and the damage we may suffer. However, precisely because of the lack of experience in the management of our own emotions, it is in this first stage that most of us make multiple mistakes.

1. The love of youth

These mistakes usually lead us to harm our partner and even ourselves emotionally. It is very common for most young people to care more about how others see their relationship and not how they see it themselves. Therefore, they tend to follow a myriad of tips instead of dealing with knowing your partner. However, due to the transience and passion, this type of love is unforgettable.
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1. The love of youth 1

2. Complicated love

Unfortunately, despite the learning obtained from the experience of first love, at this stage, we usually look for a partner that poses a challenge. For this reason, in many cases, we are wrong and choose a toxic love that will hurt us a lot. Pretending to modify harmful behaviors and habits because of the love we have for that person, we end up forgetting about our own needs and emotions and we wear ourselves out together with the relationship.

2. Complicated love

However, due to the codependency that can be generated in a union of this type, very often it is intended to keep the other person for the rest of our lives, no matter how much that may harm us. The conflicts and the constant discussions become something so daily that we adopt it as something that we need to be present to be able to feel satisfied and even loved by our partner.
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2. Complicated love 1

3. Unexpected love

Tired of all previous relationships, we come to the conclusion that no one will care about us as we are happy on our own, being all alone! When we have finally overcome the second stage, if it has been that way, we usually leave it with too many wounds to consider the possibility of falling in love again. After such a stormy phase, what we need is time to be more with ourselves, to get to know each other, to take up our projects; Believe in our dreams again.

3. Unexpected love

It is precisely thanks to this period of self-knowledge that we learn to love ourselves more, recognize our virtues and show a better version of ourselves. For this same reason, thanks to the good vibes that we transmit, we begin to attract much more positive aspects to our life. Finally, it comes to us, without looking for it, that person with whom we will think big. We will share our own projects and dreams and we will give ourselves back unconditionally.

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3. Unexpected love 1
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