Published 2018-02-27
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9 Stars who have had normal jobs that were not connected with their Hollywood career

If you are a celebrity and can enjoy fame and having lots of money you don’t take it for granted. Everything can change depending on some unexpected circumstances. Your past or current professions will never remain hidden for the press as fans always want to know everything about their idols. This article presents celebrities who either tried some jobs in the past that you wouldn’t believe they did or stars who currently have jobs that are also not connected with Hollywood, fame, and spotlight at all.

1. Jennifer Aniston

This actress is mostly known for her role as Rachel Green in ‘Friends’ but you wouldn’t believe that in the 90s she actually tried many jobs before she was so popular. Some of them included being a waitress, bike messenger, and a telemarketer. In one the interviews, she confessed that she’s glad she was a telemarketer only for two weeks. She says it was a terrible experience as she had to persuade people to buy holidays in Poconos mountains... The actress says she was a mess and most of the time she just hung up.

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2. Tom Cruise

Did you know that this one of the best-paid actors attended a seminary and actually planned to be a priest? It’s hard to believe that he wanted to be a priest in a Catholic Church knowing the fact that now he is an obsessive Scientologist. It turns out that it started when his parents were getting a divorce. He was a strong believer, spent a lot of time in churches and liked listening to sermons. If he hadn’t changed his plans, we wouldn’t probably have such a talented actor now...

3. James Franco

This handsome American actor and director, known for his role in ‘Disaster Artist’ or ‘Spring Breakers’, also tried a job that you wouldn’t believe any Hollywood actor has ever tried. Namely, he worked in McDonald’s. He confessed in one of the interviews that at some point in his life he couldn’t find any job as he didn’t have any job experience. But he got the job in McDonald’s without any effort so he was eager to give it a try. James was mainly accepting the orders and giving them out at the buttery-hatch.

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4. Jeff Cohen

Not everyone may recognize his name but if you’ve ever watched a popular film ‘The Goonies’, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1985, then you will notice him there as a plumpy small boy. However, unlike his co-actors Corey Feldman and Josh Brolin, Jeff decided to give up acting. He graduated from university and became a reputable lawyer. He is also a co-founder of a prosperous Law Firm called Cohen & Gardner. It seems that he just grew out of acting.

5. Frankie Muniz

You must remember this actor from TV series ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ (2000-2006) and some other more or less successful productions. A few years ago he announced that he wanted a break from acting but sometimes could be seen playing some episodic roles. However, he also pursues career taking part in such contests as Dayton 500 or Champ Car Atlantic Series. He also works as a film producer, screenwriter and in his free time Frankie plays the percussion and goes on concert tours with Astro Lasso band that he manages.

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6. Chris Owen

If you’ve ever watched ‘American Pie’ then must remember that red-haired, irritating nerd. He didn’t entirely give up acting but now can be most often seen as a photographer than an actor. However, a few years ago he was spotted at the Santa Monica location in Los Angeles as a waiter! He was serving sushi and it seemed that actually very few people recognized him. He was working at that restaurant for a year. It must be painful when you are around other people and hardly anyone knows that you were such a big star.

7. Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is an American actor who is well known for playing a role as Lex Luthor in ‘Superman’. He received a few Oscars, Golden Globes, and many more awards. However, in 2004 he gave up his acting career and started to develop his other passions. Despite the fact that he is now an 88-year old man he is still vital and active and… writes historical fiction novels. His fans also should know that in the late seventies he was competing in car races driving a Formula Ford!

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8. Hayden Christensen

This Canadian actor started his career when he was only 12-year old. Everyone expected a lot from him and actually, he was a top actor for some time when he played a role of Anakin Skywalker in ‘Star Wars’. He defeated 400 other candidates (including Leonardo DiCaprio)! Then he also starred the film ‘Jumper’ along with Samuel L. Jackson. However, some time ago he unexpectedly announced that he bought a farm close to Toronto and he decided to move there and work on land farming and pigs breeding. Now acting seems to be less important to him than his new farm.

9. Kevin Jonas

This popular American musician and actor decided not to continue this career path and engage in something totally different, which may be shocking for his fans as his brothers, Nick and Joe from The Jonas Brothers band, still successfully sing for the wide audience. You would hardly believe but this handsome singer is now an entrepreneur! He was starting his career with Disney Channel and now he has his own company and works as a building contractor.

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