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Published 2018-02-28
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Things that are crucial when you want to look gorgeous without makeup

There are girls who cannot imagine going out without makeup. Even if they just go to the nearest supermarket. They spend a long time in front of a mirror to achieve a spectacular effect with their colorful cosmetics. They think that they look hot, awesome and like a celebrity so it should be easier for them to find a perfect guy. But… what if you could never put your makeup on and still look gorgeous and be happy. You would save a lot of time (you could sleep longer!) and still have a chance to pick up some guy (they highly appreciate natural looking girls). Isn’t it a tempting idea? In this article, you will find out how to do it.

More water

You could say it’s just water and it’s not tasty for you. So you tend to grab a glass of Cola or a cup of coffee instead. Wrong! Your skin needs water, as lack of so important H2O means that your skin is dry and prone to be itchy. Your skin needs to be hydrated enough in order to look good and healthy. It’s also more elastic and stronger then. Thanks to that, it’s less exposed to any unexpected changes or defects. That’s why drinking lots of water, especially with lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves, is the first step to help your skin and get rid of your cosmetics.

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Sleep tight

Yes, it also affects your skin. Ideally, it should last 7-8 hours. Did you know that when you sleep, a very precious substance, collagen, is being generated? It prevents getting your skin flabby. And the more collagen the thicker the skin and also less prone to have first wrinkles. That’s why it matters whether you sleep only 5 hours or as many as 8 hours. Shorter sleep also affects the color of your skin. It’s dull and deprived of the natural glow. So if it’s possible for you to take advantage of a long sleep then just do it! You will forget about any unexpected swelling or dark circles under your eyes.

Proper sunscreen

Lots of people claim that the best way to look hot and healthy is to be suntanned. Well, one thing is for sure, skin that is destroyed by the sun is never attractive. You can still sunbathe but only with a proper care, especially when you have a very fair complexion. Then you have to use minimum SPF 30 to protect your skin which is extremely subject to getting sunburnt or unnaturally red. Also, use sunscreen winter and even on the rainy days. Otherwise, your skin will age too quickly and you may risk such serious diseases like cancer.

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Natural products

Cosmetics can be not only expensive but also containing lots of artificial ingredients that are harmful to your skin. You probably have vaseline in your house so why not to use it for your skin? If you put a small amount on your eyelashes they will be optically thicker and curled. And you won't have to risk that you will destroy them while cleansing, which often happens. Another idea is to invest in coconut oil. You can put it on your whole face and use it instead of the lipstick. Coconut oil will naturally hydrate your skin better than anything else.

Be active

Working out (not only in the gym) is one of the most precious ‘cosmetics’ that you can use. And your health body (and soul) will benefit from that! You will get rid of toxins and your blood circulation will boost. Also, your skin will get a generous portion of oxygen that will be delivered straight to your skin. You will enjoy a boost of endorphins, less stress and tension and your whole body will be calm and peaceful. Take advantage of exercising even in winter, you won’t need a blusher or a foundation anymore!

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Night cream

This is one of those things that should be visible in your sponge bag. Why? Smoke, sun, pollution are things that contribute to premature aging and you are exposed to them every day! That's why when you sleep, your skin should have a chance to rejuvenate properly and get enough nutrients to hydration. But before you buy any cream, figure out what type of skin you have. And then invest in a good quality product that suits your skin needs. So when you combine a long sleep and high-quality night cream then you can achieve spectacular effects not even touching your make up cosmetics the next morning!

Green tea

Not everyone likes herbal tea but if you want to get rid of your cosmetics and still look gorgeous then maybe you should give it a try. Polyphenols, chemical compounds that can be found in green tea, are famous for its antioxidant effects. Thanks to green tea new wrinkles and premature aging can be inhibited and the skin is not getting flabby too quickly. If you drink green tea regularly (at least twice a day) then your skin appears to be more elastic and less dry. It also decreases the chance of any skin hyperpigmentation and skin allergies. You also have a natural detox and chance to lose weight! All those things can be achieved with green tea.

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Dietary supplements

When you want to take a proper care of your skin then you may need to invest in some additional vitamins, minerals or other nutritious substances. Especially, you should look for some products which contain Vitamin A or E. However, pay attention to ingredients of those products, they should be rich in natural substances. Vitamin A quickens your skin tissue repair and stimulates its recovery. As to the vitamin E, it’s one of the most efficient ways to combat free radicals. If you are afraid of getting age and scary wrinkles then Vitamin E is your new friend now.


Smiling is something that not only impresses everyone but also makes you look visibly younger! Some flaws or wrinkles seem to be less evident when you have a wide smile on your face! You can benefit from the boost of endorphins then and actually, that may work even better than the most expensive cosmetics or...botox! Apparently, your smile draws more attention than any defects on your face. It’s better to look natural and happy than have a thick layer of makeup and look rather like a miserable clown.

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