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Bride dies on her wedding day. These were her last minutes...

On the day of the wedding...

Last December, one of the saddest tragedies in Brazil happened to be remembered. Everything seemed perfect on a very special day: there was going to be a wedding between a girl named Rosemere do Nascimento Silva and a man named Udirley Damasceno. 300 guests were present at the church without knowing that a few minutes later they would receive news that would startle them. The girlfriend wanted to move to the place by helicopter to surprise everyone, but that decision cost her life.

The testimony of the organizer of the event, Carlos Eduardo Batista, has been vital for us to know many things: "Almost nobody was aware that she was going to arrive in that mode of transportation. She wanted her wedding to be the most special in the world, but unfortunately, everything was distorted due to a fatal accident. We do not want to imagine what we would feel if we were waiting for our fiancé at the altar and being told that she was not going to meet us.

Do you want to see this case more in depth and see an exclusive video of the accident? Keep reading this article!

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Bride dies on her wedding day. These were her last minutes...
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