Published 2018-03-01
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9 Reasons why a man LEAVES his partner!

2. Infidelity

Do not lie to yourself, infidelity is not something that can be forgiven lightly. If a person is unfaithful to you, he could do it again. In fact, the classic "it will not be repeated" is often said more by "will not find out" that by "I will not be with anyone else." And, whatever happens, even if you forgive, you never forget. Therefore, either at the beginning or in the long run, that heavy burden will dynamite even the most resistant and stable of relationships. Therefore, think carefully if it is worthwhile to be unfaithful or not.

2. Infidelity

3. Lack of understanding

Communication is usually one of the main problems that most couples experience. When you do not show attention to your boy, his personal conflicts or his needs, he may not make much effort to do the same either. This is usually the beginning of a wall that will get bigger and bigger and that will gradually distance you. In the end, you will feel directly like two strangers and, finally, one of the two will end the relationship. Try to always fight to hear their fears or their successes and try to always be at their side. Money is also a test that is usually quite difficult to cope with.

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3. Lack of understanding
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