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Which sign of the zodiac kisses the best? Ranking of the WORST to the BEST...

There are hundreds of different ways to kiss someone, and depending on how you do it, you can make that person shudder with passion, or cry with displeasure. Find out which one is the best here.

Those belonging to this sign do not kiss in any way; They do not want to do something without a sense of what they can later regret. As with any other place in their lives, they are ready to enter and leave with everything they need but not before having prepared well. Keep in mind that while a Capricorn is kissing you, you may be thinking about whether you are doing it the right way and if it matches your preferred style. They are not to blame, they just have very high standards!


You could say that there is nothing in the world as rewarding as kissing a person born under the sign of Gemini. While they may not be perfect when executing their abilities, it is something that they compensate with great passion and energy. They are so excited about kissing someone that they can feel that everyone revolves around them both, even if the kiss, in general, tends to be a little, well, wet for the tastes of most people.

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If there is something that this sign can highlight, it is in its peculiar ways of kissing someone. After all, who does not appreciate the playful kisses for which the Sagittarians are known? Bearing in mind that there are many people that an intense kiss is too heavy for them. The funny way in which this sign unfolds makes others feel very attracted to them. It is the perfect provocation that can lead to something else...


Basically, Aquarians are masters when it comes to giving the typical, good and juicy lower lip bite. It is as if it belonged to his personality: deep and reflective, but with a rougher edge than one would expect. However, it is true that they may experience problems connecting with their physical being if they do not meet the right person, but when they feel really comfortable, you can prepare to end up totally melted.

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There is something innate in the sign of Libra that makes most people around you want to come and try some of their magical kisses. It is true that they never take the initiative, but somehow, they always get the object of their affection to be able to kiss when they really want it. It should be noted that they are not necessarily masters of seduction, but they are masters when it comes to getting seduced by other people.


There is no doubt that those belonging to Virgo are good kissers; They have been in charge of searching on Google "how to kiss well" enough times to have nothing to accomplish in this department. In fact, they have never been bad in any facet of their lives, and this could not come first. You will know well that you are kissing a Virgo when, after they have passed a few dates with you. They also will get to kiss you in different ways and ask you which type you like the most.

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Leo loves to be the center of attention every moment, and they develop good skills to kiss others in order to ensure that it is so. That is why they will be in charge of forming a whole show by kissing you in a great and romantic way, or by stopping doing whatever you have told them to go crazy with an improvised and fiery kiss. They want you to be impressed and will with them, and they will do everything possible to do it in a way that makes this happen.


The adventurous sign of Aries is not shy in any area of ​​life, and that includes kissing someone. In fact, they will not hesitate to take you by the hand at a party to take you to some private place when they feel like kissing you, or they will take the initiative and sending you a kiss from nothing when your mind is worried about another relevant issue. Being one of the least "cold" signs works in your favor in this field; You will always feel passionately desired when you are with an Aries.

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Basically, the term "kiss" for an individual belonging to the sign of Cancer means a full-body sentimental experience. She will behave in a wonderfully affectionate way, and she will use her hands to caress you all over your body while kissing you deeply. In the same way, they will expand their focus to the neck, ears, clavicle... whatever they can do to make the target of their affection feel completely loved and happy.


You are not aware of the luck you have if you can kiss the Taurus sign. While it is true that they are not too affectionate in the course of their daily lives, they make the people who choose to approach them feel safe and loved. Bullfighters love the art of making love intimately, so they will not hesitate to put a great effort in all these aspects, especially in the previous games. Basically, they will kiss you as you always wanted to be kissed, as if every part of them loves you totally.

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Scorpions, on most occasions, make the first move, which results in a sexy backdrop for their kisses. They do not fear many things and this makes them truly courageous kissers. If they want to try something new, they will simply do it, instead of asking for permission. Being such crazy and passionate people, they hope to hold your hair firmly and twist the other half of your body with yours before moving into action. It will take you a few minutes after the kiss to be able to remember your name again.


You could say that Pisces are the best kissers of the entire horoscope wheel. To begin with, they are kind, calm and passionate souls, as well as disinterested when it comes to intimacy with their partners. They will stop at nothing to make sure that their lover receives the best and most incredible experience possible. And unlike the equally passionate Gemini sign, you can focus on one thing for a long period of time: when that pleases you, you have a lot, a lot of luck.

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