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A story about a woman who lost ALL her natural hair due to a bad weave!

Black women are familiar with the pain that is connected to their beauty. Most of the time, they feel pain in order to be beautiful. Maybe this the consequence of some mother who wanted us their daughters to get used to pain, cause "beauty is pain", they said. We can remember when we were young and attending school, our mothers used to comb our hair and command to sit still, don’t move… Even nowadays, when we go to a hairdresser in a salon, we tent to remember all the things, especially when the hairdresser pulls too strong or burns some hair too much.

Today’s story, a sad one, is about a 20-year-old YouTube personality who lost all of her hair as a consequence of sew-in weave. Seeing such examples we want to ask how much the person can bear to be beautiful. Is the pain really worth this beauty? We want to show you this beautiful lady named Sierra Baynes, who had an experience we cannot imagine… She became bald from a bad weave. Such a shocking story…

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She used to be known for her makeup without any defects, her amazing features, and brilliant hair. Unfortunately, everything has changed when she decided to hire somebody who was not a professional, to take care of her hair. "For the most part, I’m not hurt or sad about the situation" - are these the words you would expect hearing from a woman whose sew-in went wrong and whose scalp was significantly damaged after that.

However, these were her real words when she spoke to BET Style. "I just felt like if I could help other people out with sharing my story, then why not." And she did. Sharing a video "HOW WEAVES SEVERELY DAMAGED MY HAIR" on YouTube she went viral - the video got over 1.3 million views. The video contained sharing her terrible and sad story, explaining why in the end she made a decision to shave her hair altogether. For those who are courageous enough to watch the video, here you have it attached.

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Briefly speaking, the YouTube video shows us how Sierra let her "hairdresser/stylist" do something with her hair, we mean to do a sew-in weave. Too bad, they braided girl’s beautiful hair too tight, which caused in blisters and even bleeding! She asked her aunt for help in this matter, that is to remove the 2-month-old weave. After that, she experienced large hair loss, she had scabs on her scalp… And then, her girlfriend took a picture of the back of her head which scared Sierra so much.

When searching the Internet and googling what she was suffered from, she found out that the thing is all about severe scalp damage which was caused by extreme stress put into the hair follicles. Sierra plucked up courage and shared her story with other people who may need it and we appreciate it. She said it all to cameras although it was a difficult topic for her to talk about. If you had a defect in your beauty, would you share it with the world to help others? Hats off to Sierra!

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"I just love myself, I love how strong-minded I am. Nothing can tear me down, I’ll always be confident. My mom embedded confidence into my head at such a young age”, the girl admitted. Not a long time ago, she revealed even more about her and her experience. She answered a lot of questions that the viewers wanted to know. And here’s a second video for those courageous ones:

Sierra said someday that she received so much love when people saw her videos. But one question was constantly mentioned by viewers, which is - why she did not speak loudly about her tight braids. Why was she afraid? According to Sierra’s words, the "stylist" who came to make her hair for cheap, brought "two BC Powers" and some painkiller for her.

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Sierra was told to take the pills before she "braided her hair". When asked about having any regrets about letting the person do her hair, Sierra claimed: "Yes, I do. But at the same time I don’t, because everything happens for a reason. If she didn’t braid my hair so bad then I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to share my story." Sometimes we need to be hurt so bad to make the world listen to us...

Our protagonist wants to warn other women. "If someone is braiding to tight, speak up! Don't be afraid. [Seriously], unless you want your head to look like mine, you better speak up." Her final words? "Skip the hook-up and go to a professional as well." All females should read her words and get to know her story. What do you think about the story? Was it touching to you?

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A story about a woman who lost ALL her natural hair due to a bad weave! 1
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