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How men tend to show that they love

‘He doesn’t love me!’ - at least that's what you think. Your boyfriend rarely says ‘I love you’ and rarely tells you about his feelings. However, you might not have known that sometimes men show their affection in a different way than women. They are generally less emotional and sensitive, and actions speak louder for them than words. Non-verbal communication and his behavior may tell you a lot and help to decipher his feeling. If you are curious what they mean, then read this article.

Indirect talk

You need to read between the lines. Some men think that conversations about their feelings and affection are just... not masculine. That’s why they may rarely open up about such matters. They rather tell you that you cooked a great dinner or that your tips are really helpful. He will pay you compliments not only to impress you. It's just easier for him to tell you something pleasant than to admit that you’ve changed his life, he is deeply in love, and there is no one else who counts more than you.

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If not words, then gestures will tell you that he is in love. Well, if he didn’t return his love, then he wouldn’t even touch you or look you in the eye for a long time. When people love each other, they want to hug, kiss, touch. It's also the best way to start foreplay. Just remember, never force him to use such loving gestures when you’re in public. When women are in love, they often want to show it to the whole world (and discourage other girls from wanting your guy). However, men tend to feel less comfortable with showing it.


If he misses you a lot and cannot spend a day without constantly thinking about you, he may still not tell you about it directly. But for sure, he will text and call you a lot. He doesn’t have to do it for a particular reason. He may just ask you anything, e.g., about your mum or your mutual friend, just to keep in touch with you. He may even text you early in the morning or late at night, that means he is DEEPLY in love.

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If he is in love, he will want you to smile, to be happy and to be nicely surprised. That’s why from time to time you will be given a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. He will try hard to give you the present that you were dreaming about, that’s why he may sometimes ask what clothes or cosmetics are your favorite ones. If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t care to walk from shop to shop to buy the perfect gift for you.


If he cares, he will help you no matter what other obligations he has to do. He will show his love by cleaning your car or repairing your computer. He won’t complain that he has no time or that you can ask someone else who is better at that. Even if he doesn’t exactly know how to do something, he will try hard to impress you. Remember to appreciate his help and support even if he fails. You can thank him by preparing his favorite dish or giving a fabulous massage.

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If he devotes a lot of his attention and precious time just to be with you, then it’s another sign that he loves you. Does he prefer watching a comedy than going to the pub with his friends? Is he willing to resign from working long hours just to take you to the restaurant for a romantic dinner? He won’t look for excuses to spend less time with you. On the contrary, he will even surprise you with new ideas for your dates!

His appearance

He won’t visit you in his worst trousers and a dirty T-shirt. And he won’t take his worn-out trousers. He will obviously care about his appearance and try to look hot for you. Maybe, he didn’t bother with that when you were just friends and didn’t pay attention to what he was wearing, but now he will try hard to look neat and prim whenever you meet. Also, if he decided to buy new perfume or change his hairstyle, he will take into account your expectations. He must be really in love if he does it!

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They are inevitable, but he won’t simply yell at you, shut the door, and you will never see him again. He may lose his temper and be really angry especially if you seriously let him down. However, after some time he will try to reach an agreement, and whenever it's his fault, he will try to admit his mistake even if his pride will tell him differently. If cares, he won’t risk losing you and will always try to find some compromise to talk to you without anger and fury.

His family

Does he want to introduce you to his family? Well, this is one of the best signs that he treats you seriously and wants you in your life. He doesn’t even have to say that he loves you. If he takes you to his parents’ house for a mutual dinner, then he’s already planned a future with you. He will probably boast about you and say that you’re the most amazing girl he’s ever met so that his closest ones could also like and accept you. That’s a big step in your relationship.

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