Published 2018-03-09
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9 Feminine behaviours that men love

Nowadays, the image of women is too mediated. The pressures of advertising and fashion create socially accepted beauty canons that generate many complexes in many girls. But what they do not really know is that there is more than one unusual characteristic of their personality or physique that can be tremendously attractive to men. Things that make them crazy and that can be described as "defects" while they are not. Without more, we leave you with them...

1. Show dimples of Venus

The small channels and dimples that you can have in certain parts of your back have a great level of attraction. In fact, they are usually present in healthy bodies of women with an ideal proportion of fat and bodybuilding. To many, it seems uncomfortable to show them, but to be honest, it is a detail that the boys see as something sensual. The traits that show that you have natural energy and vitality are always good...

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2. Moving hips

Runways around the world do not show wide hips or bulging thighs. They tend to present tall and slender girls. Those who have "wasp" waists and tiny sizes are not always normal. The large legs and all that can imply a point of attraction for a wide range of males. And the strong and prominent arms and thighs are indications of a woman who knows what she wants and who is not fragile.

3. No complexes with the natural aroma

Although you do not believe it, the natural aroma that your skin gives off is unique, and it can be very nice for many people, depending on the situation. Instead of applying large amounts of perfume trying to cover this element, you can resort to more subtle doses, since there is nothing better than your own essence of a woman. And this is why more than one female prefers not to exercise or indulge in any other activity to avoid sweating when this is not repulsive. Ask any man; he will not lie to you.

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4. Laughs

A sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself is something that pleases any man. The truth is that it is always good to relax with some joke and if you infect them with a sweet laugh or you induce them to laugh, you will have won them on the spot. A "dull" girl can become very boring and, although she is beautiful, the interest can be lost quickly. Do not let your strong way of laughing embarrass you...

5. Speak your mind

Many girls prefer not to give their opinion or let the discussions end without making it clear that they did not agree, especially not to disturb or because of shyness. But the truth is that men adore a girl who can speak and agree with character, without letting others persuade her of something she knows perfectly. Expressing yourself without prejudice or ambiguity is something that everyone will value positively.

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6. Your way of driving

You should know that this is seen by almost all men as an important virtue in women. If you were embarrassed or not interested, you already have an extra motivation to apply and obtain a driver's license. An independent girl who does not need anyone to move and who can teach more than one lesson is of great interest. On the other hand, it never hurts to tear down the clichés about girls who do not know how to drive...

7. The taste for food

Sometimes, the boys look for companions who have the same pleasure by the food as they, to be able to share delicious plates, which sometimes are too caloric. For them, this is much more fun than a female who is constantly worrying about what she has eaten or what she has not eaten. When you propose a plan for dining at a "self-service" or a delicious restaurant, you will see how your love takes a pleasant surprise.

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8. Your wild side

If you keep some masculine characteristic within you or in certain occasions you would like to relax more than usual, do not reserve yourself, showing your rough side is exciting for men. In addition, what is supposed to be "men's thing" is not so much today, since both parties change the wheel of a car and playing video games. If it's something messy sometimes, do not stop yourself...

9. Maternal behaviour

This is something they carry in their genes, seeing a woman demonstrating that she can be a phenomenal mother is instinctively attractive to them. After all, most of the sections that end with this are based on security and trust in one. An original and imperturbable personality is what will make others respect and value you, with that, the right suitors will come quickly. What do you think?

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