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8 Most powerful Hollywood couples that the lady earns more!

Finding your better half in the world of Hollywood is way easier for the celebrities because they know where they are coming from. They know about the late night works, early morning works, busy weeks that you cannot even meet or talk on the phone, the trips that you need to be on. All of these are something not everyone can keep up with and understand. So when you are with someone from the same industry, they understand you better. So many people in Hollywood are with a partner from the same, and some ladies even earn more than their partner! Here is a list of them.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

The two met on the set of the movie Fantastic Four in 2004, and they fell for one another insanely. Cash was the production assistant for the movie. Jessica said: "Right after I met [Cash], I called my best friend and was like, 'I met this guy and I feel like I've known him forever and I'm going to know him for the rest of my life,.'" The two got married in 2008, and now they are the parents of three kids. Jessica Alba’s net worth is $350m, and Cash Warren’s net worth is $10m.

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Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey also known as Tina Fey is a famous comedian and actress. She is an amazing comic and has done wonders on many television shows. She had her first time with her husband Jeff Richmond, a music director. They are happily married with two kids. They were meant to be together! Even though he does not make as much as she does, they are still happily married. Tina Fey’s net worth is $65m, and Jeff Richmond’s net worth is $2m. Not even close!

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

The two are still married and are going on stronger than ever after all these years. Melissa said: "We immediately were improvising with each other and immediately gravitating toward each other, writing-wise. The first day, everybody’s doing their biggest, probably most unrealistic, poorly done characters. And Ben got up there and did this very strange inmate that sat on a chair quietly. I just thought it was the funniest thing. I thought: I like that creepy guy.". Melissa McCarthy’s net worth is $50m, and Ben Falcone’s net worth is $2m.

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

These two, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, were set up to meet one another and the love bloomed instantly. Mike Fisher thought he is way more beautiful in person than on TV. They had their first kiss when the ball dropped. She said: "We were in front of people, and he's not a big PDA guy, I figured, I'll go in for it because he can't leave me hanging, right? So I made him kiss me in public." Carrie Underwood’s net worth is $85m, and Mike Fisher’s net worth is $30m.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The first time they met, this is what happened. Kim Kardashian said: "I met him I think in 2002 or 2003. He was recording a song with Brandy, and I was her friend. I vividly remember hanging out with him, and then they did a video together, so I’d see him a few times. He was asking his friends: 'Who is this Kim Kardajan?' He didn’t know what my name was. After my breakup, I was feeling really low and down and he said, 'Just come to Paris and see my fashion show.' He jokes that he put on this whole fashion show just to get a date with me."

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"So I went there and I stayed with him, and that’s where we started dating. I swear from the moment I landed, I fell madly in love with him and I thought, 'Oh my God, why didn’t I do this sooner?' Like, this is what real life is like — love and fun and real support.". Kim makes £30.2 million annually and Kanye West earns £12.6.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z
"Queen B," one of the most recognized artists of the moment, got married in 2008 with rapper Jay Z. The most influential couple in the world of music is, according to many people, the prototype of "Beauty and the Beast" of entertainment.

Of course, there is no doubt who is who, but even so, the two musicians are one of the most durable unions in the industry. In addition to taking great care of their privacy and supporting each other, Bey and Jay are raising a daughter and their recently born twins. Beyoncé brings £75.6 million home while Jay-Z makes £32.8 million.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
Gigi Hadid talked about how the two met. She said: "We actually met at a friend's birthday party a few years ago. He was in New York to come to the Victoria's Secret show last year, I think, and ended up not coming."

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"And I was like, I'll play it cool. Like, I'll go to the after-party. He wasn't there. And then later that week we ended up going on our first date. We played it cool for like 10 minutes and then I was like, 'You're really cute.'". This couple is also one of those where the lady earns more. Gigi earns £6.8 million while he earns £3.6 million. Not that much of a difference, but still.

Keira Knightley and James Righton

The two have been together for quite a while. They met at a dinner party. This is what Keira said about their first meeting: “Through our mate Tim, not Alexa Chung, as people keep telling me. We were very drunk. We’re basically geeks. Weirdly, his degree was in history and politics, so he’s a big history buff. He’s the sort of person who will be the brightest light in any room whereas I’m the one who sits in the corner. And he’s much nicer than me. James earns only £5,000 per year while his wife brings home way more than what he does.

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
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