Published 2018-03-09
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9 Signs that your partner does not love you anymore...

As painful as it is to accept, not all loves are eternal, nor all people are going to stay with others throughout life. These are not just cliches. We can check it by looking at statistics even about the rate of divorce. Although it is not a general rule, in all parts of the world couples decide to separate much more frequently than 10-15 years ago. While the reasons for this may be diverse, not all the romantic unions that break is doomed to failure. So we have decided to leave you a couple of indications related to the lack of love: as you can see, sometimes realizing that someone stops loving us is simpler than it seems...

1. They do not have time for you

Do you get excited for a week, planning to go to the movies, go on a trip, or organizing a romantic dinner with your better half and what you get in return is a couple of difficult excuses to assimilate? Do you prefer to spend your free time in the company of other people, or justify your constant absence with "a lot of work" or "lack of desire" without worrying about you? All this usually means that you have ceased to be a priority for your partner and, in reality, he/she is looking for a way out of the relationship.

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2. They do not take you into account

Another characteristic that should alert you is that your partner begins to organize his short-term plans without you. If you have noticed that he always tries to maintain a certain distance between you and is capable of doing anything to avoid having to share his time, hobbies and feelings with you, do not fool yourself. People who love each other, miss each other, and crave the presence (physical and emotional) of another person in their life. If this case has nothing to do with your situation, start thinking if it is worthwhile to maintain a relationship like this.

3. Does not like physical contact with you

This is one of the most obvious signs that may exist in this regard. If in the past your partner took every opportunity to touch you, caress you or show affection in a bodily way, and now he does not do it even when circumstances are more than favorable, maybe you should start thinking about separating yourself. Everyone loves to hug and kiss their boyfriends and girlfriends, but when the feelings are gone, the desire to show love disappears.

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4. Is not interested in you

Before he spent a lot of time talking with you, exchanging stories, opinions, and points of view, and now he does not? Let's be honest: if your partner changed their attitude towards this element of your relationship and it does not seem to be anything temporary, you can expect the worst. When you love your spouse, they show interest to hear their stories, problems, etc., it is something natural, and when people stop loving, it is exactly the opposite. Each one begins to live a life of their own, without worrying too much about the other.

5. Does not care about your achievements

Even if you had won a Nobel Prize, climbed Mount Everest or invented formula of eternal youth, if your supposed other half does not love you anymore, your achievements will not impress him. In fact, it is even very likely that his reaction to this will surprise you in an unpleasant way ... No matter how much you need it, you will not hear that he feels proud of you, nor will he begin to flatter you. It hurts to accept it, but it's going to be as if you were two strange people and not a real couple.

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6. Do not make references to the future

Well, yes, you can do that, although you will never include them in the real future. If talking to your man (or woman) dodges the issues that have to do with the two as a couple, and begins to hesitate as soon as you ask a question related to them, better ends this relationship as soon as possible. When the lack of love enters the game, both men and women prefer to keep quiet instead of letting go when making long-term plans. Really, it's worth being aware of that.

7. Does not stop fighting with you

If conversations with your loved one do not get anywhere, or quickly turn into arguments, this means that the union of two people is in danger. Although at the beginning all couples behave like two lovebirds and think that this state will last forever, in many cases the time comes when they can no longer bear it and create big fights without having a good reason. In other words: if everything you say, do or show irritates him, it is very likely that what was between the two, has come to an end.

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8. Does not speak to you

Definitely, you do not need to be very outgoing or stand out for ease to get into a conversation, and especially with a person who is important to us. Precisely because of this, the lack of verbal communication between the couple is often a bad omen for the "beginning of the end". If you really want to communicate with your loved one, even time can be a perfect subject to develop ... But if your partner tells you what is right and necessary and only refers to essential issues, it is because you do not feel the same as before.

9. Does not feel like impressing you

It doesn't matter if you showed it before by the best clothes, the perfect makeup, your amazing achievements, rich perfumes or your tenderness, kindness, and understanding towards others: if at present your other half does not try to impress you, it's because he doesn't care if he still likes you or not. If you observe any of these signs in the person who, as you believe, is the only one for you, show him this article and insist on a conversation.

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