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Color therapy can help your body and soul

Do you know that colors that are around you can affect your mood and health? It is even possible to heal some health disorders with colors! According to many specialists, colors may have therapeutic properties! Well, you don't need to visit any specialists, you can just read this article and begin the color therapy right now! Also, researchers have proved that by using certain colors, we can influence how others perceive us. If you want to benefit from the colors, then you should surround yourself with them, e.g., buy food and clothes in them or just sit with your eyes closed and imagine this color for some time.


If you like this color, then you're probably very active and energetic. This color is the favorite one for people who are courageous and are not afraid of any challenges and adventures. Red positively affects your blood circulation. It increases your blood pressure, stimulates your heart rate and heals such blood disorders as anemia. Negative sides? It can increase your anger and fury when you experience them. Who should choose this color? Sluggish, tired people who are struggling to achieve success and want more sensations. Who shouldn’t be surrounded by red color? Those who suffer from hypertension or have flu.

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It will for sure help release your emotions and get rid of tiredness. Positive influence? It gently stimulates your body and eliminates muscle tension. Who can benefit from this color? Those who are seeking for love, attention, and empathy. This color can also help to enjoy intimate moments more! If you are having difficulty making decisions, then pink is also for you. Who should avoid this color? Those who are emotionally immature can consider it too ‘overwhelming.’ Well, if you're a man, you can be quite reluctant to choose this color for your clothing...but still, you can imagine it with your eyes closed, just as you were meditating.


This energetic color has a good impact on your digestion. It improves your immunity and makes you more energetic and full of life. It’s also powerful when you want to recover faster, get warm or eliminate any cramps. Those who experience any pains in their neck, joint or shoulders should choose this color more often. Also, when you suffer from depression and have low self-esteem, orange is a perfect option! It will give you additional motivation! Any problems with your kidneys, lungs or spleen - opt for orange!

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Those who don’t hesitate to reach for yellow things tend to be more satisfied with their lives. They are not afraid of changes and new experiences. They love to be appreciated and are quite ambitious. So if you need more confidence and help while coping with your conflicts, then choose yellow! It also improves your memory by stimulating your nervous system and helps your logical thinking. Food allergy, diabetes, asthma, depression? Yellow can help you heal them!


This color is something between yellow and blue. It is mostly associated with ‘hope.’ Those who consider it as their favorite color are more likely to give tips to others and offer their support. Any things that are in green will help you relax, calm down and bring back the balance between your mind and body. Do you experience chronic fatigue and lots of stress? Do you suffer from sleeplessness or need support with coping with cancer, ulcers or tuberculosis? Try to surround yourself with green! You won’t regret it!

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Blue is one of the most liked and popular colors. People who choose blue don’t like arguments and prefer balanced and harmonious lives. Blue is a powerful tool when you experience some distress and need relaxation and peace and quiet. It is also known for its ‘cooling’ properties that's why it may help when you need to relieve your pain, especially when you experience ulcers, piles or a backache. However, don’t exaggerate, as too much of blue around you can be actually quite depressing.


Purple has a positive impact on your brain and nervous system. It’s recommended for those who need detox and wants to regulate their metabolic rate. If you are on a diet then purple is just perfect for you - it may even lessen your appetite! If you suffer from bladder and kidney disorders or complain about migraines and sleeplessness, then choose this magic color! This color inspires, relaxes, relieves the pain and tension. Purple will soothe you and provide a sense of peace and quiet!

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If you cope with lots of stress, grief and mood swings then white is for you! It seems to be such a neutral color, but it also has some magic powers! When you struggle with lungs and colon disorders, then why not surround yourself with white. It won’t be a bad decision as white is also more and more popular while designing the interior of the houses. If you decide to paint your bedroom walls white, then it will for sure affect your mood providing you with peace and quiet.


It seems to be such a depressing color. You may associate it with bad luck (black cats) or mourning (wearing black clothes after someone died). However, you can still benefit from that, unless you are prone to be depressed or when you are emotionally unstable. If you are a relatively calm, independent and wise person but need to be more assertive and seek general support, then choose black. However, never exaggerate with this color! Black details or accessories will be fine.

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