Published 2018-03-12
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Most funny baby clothing that can be seen in shops

Babies are so sweet and innocent - you would say. However, you wouldn't believe how creative can be their parents! They don’t only buy sweet and colorful clothing for their babies, they purchase stuff that is funny and may sometimes convey a hilarious and crude message. Now shops compete with each other to provide you with the most amazing and ridiculous stuff and it seems that parents are sometimes led to much by their crazy imagination. It would be better for those babies to never see the photos from their childhood…

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Normal baby talk, isn't it?

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Who is the luckiest one?

Ladies are already waiting in their cribs!

That seems to be a serious warning...

The origin has been proved

Drunk? At least it's just milk...

The message is really well conveyed...

The aunt shouldn't see this

We do believe

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Normal baby talk, isn't it?
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