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This woman was treating Angelina Jolie and now she has some advice for others in order not to get involved with cancer

We knew that Angelina Jolie was dealing with severe illnesses and we transmitted our support and affection. Now she has surprised us again with a problem that affects 40,000 Americans every year. The actress, unfortunately after everything she has had to overcome in recent years, has had to face it and we will tell you about it. After her interview last July 26 for the magazine Vanity Fair, Jolie declared that after her divorce, she is 100% given to the care of her 6 children. The lineage has acquired a mansion in Los Angeles valued at 25 million dollars.

The actress defended that "It was a very hard time, and we needed new airs, it's a big step for all of us, we're trying to do our best to heal as a family." Considering how bad they have been, why not give yourself this whim? The head of the family spoke of their lifestyle as something positive. She reaffirms saying that this new home will be one of the best opportunities for her offspring whom she defines as intelligent, reflective and struggling beings. Undoubtedly, as the interpreter says, these guys are not cured of divorce, but they are doing it out of life.

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They have been forced to overcome very strong situations for a child, their children are between 9 and 15 years and now they have had no choice but to return to support their mother with their new health problems. At the end of the relationship with Brad Pitt, she was affected by a series of disorders in her body. They considered that it could be menopause but began to notice more symptoms. She noticed that her skin was drying and the number of grey hair had increased greatly. These factors worried her but she thought it was something normal, "Sometimes women are put to the last, this until something manifests in their health" - she defended.

Despite her illnesses, after having devoted herself body and soul to being a housewife, she had begun to feel more women, more complete. Being so submerged in your home, your children have been allowed to improve in everyday things. Scrub the dishes, collect the remains of their dogs and every night read stories to their children. However, she has had to alternate this new life with the treatment of her illness. Normally, a person usually recovers between 3 and 6 months but after 2 weeks it is normal to begin to notice an improvement.

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However, this problem is a paralysis and it is not common that it affects people under 60, but there are times when it happens and this is what has happened to Angelina. The actress underwent a preventive hysterectomy (removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes). She had had a double mastectomy just two years before and had an unfortunate diagnosis that informed Angelina that she is a carrier of a hereditary gene called BRCA which generates a 65% probability of suffering from breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Some weeks later a surgery was performed to rebuild the breast since it had reduced the probability of contracting breast cancer by 87%. But here her aches do not end… Definitely, 2016 was one of the worst years for Angelina Jolie. She had already passed her so mediatized divorce, overcome a diagnosis of cancer and now Bell's palsy. At 42, she has suffered more than many people in their life. Some of the symptoms of this disease can be tics, drooping of the eyelid and corners of the lips or taste deterioration among others.

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It is a syndrome that affects the facial nerve, which caused weakness and even paralysis in the muscles of the face. Scientists believe that it is a viral infection being this the trigger of the swelling or inflammation of the nerve. Acupuncture was the remedy to which the actress came. She managed to recover completely even though the symptoms appear without warning and usually worsen after 48 hours, affecting only one side of the face. This experience has made Angelina worry a little more for her welfare without putting everything before her.

Once you are a mother it is very difficult to do it, but it is important to take care of yourself so that you can continue doing it with your children. Angelina Jolie has had great family support and without a doubt, this is one of the best medicines that a person can have.
The story of Angelina Jolie proves that a terrible disease, which is cancer, can make everyone sick. That is why it is worth implementing habits that will protect us from the worst. Kristi A doctor who took care of Angelina says how to avoid illness.

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Breast cancer every year takes the lives of thousands of women. October was announced a month of deepening the awareness of women about this disease. Kristi Funk recently showed up in the studio "Good Morning America", where she revealed the most important secrets of anti-cancer prevention. The doctor admitted that in most cases breast cancer is not inherited, and the main obstacle to complete cure is usually the late detection of the disease. That is why it is so important to conduct regular tests. In addition, it is worth remembering a few habits that will make our body stronger. Here they are:

Try to vacuum as often as possible - thanks to this you will get rid of toxins from the air. In your apartment should be as many plants that absorb dust and pollution. The less carpets, the better. Among the snacks that you eat during the day, you should have: broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. It is also worth eating large amounts of berries, strawberries, raspberries or currants that contain antioxidants. For dinner, turmeric should be added as often as possible. Try to use antibacterial soap as little as possible. The best for your skin will be ordinary, natural soap. Antibacterial cosmetics expose the skin to toxins that are dangerous to your health.

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This woman was treating Angelina Jolie and now she has some advice for others in order not to get involved with cancer 1
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