Published 2018-03-12
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9 Traits that a perfect husband should have according to researchers

How would you describe your ideal husband? You've been probably thinking about this many times and pictured your mutual, happy life with a big house, garden a few smiling kids. Well, sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Especially if you add such trait as intelligence, attractiveness, sense of humor and so on… Women can have lots of expectations! But well, you are not the one who is analyzing a perfect husband material. Researchers also decided to check it in practice.


The researchers from the University of Tennessee have proved that when there is a weight difference between a woman and a man then the marriage has a bigger chance to be successful. Also, women should be in a better shape. It doesn’t mean that you should look like Bar Refaeli or Mila Kunis and struggle to be thinner and thinner. The researchers emphasize that success of a given relationship can be influenced by different factors, however, weight difference can sometimes matter.

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Sense of humour

According to Christopher J. Wilbur and Lorne Campbell, renowned researchers, women tend to be more interested in ‘sense of humor’ box while surfing the Internet, especially dating websites. It seems that they find men with a sense of humor even more attractive than those are really good-looking. However, the sense of humor is a subjective matter and depends on your personal taste so it’s necessary to look for a guy whose jokes are rather funny for you than just annoying.


It’s normal that there are more and less intelligent people but according to Finnish researchers, women should opt for those more intelligent in order to have a joyful marriage. Why? It seems that smart partners are less likely to...betray their partners! The financial matter also seems to count as, after all, those more intelligent are also more resourceful and are able to earn a big amount of money. The research has been conducted among 200 000 men from the age of 18 to 45 and despite the fact that many more factors were taken into account, it seems that being smart is the winner among them.

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It’s quite obvious that women want guys who can offer them support. One of the professors from the University of California, Shelly Gable has discovered something more! It turns out that those men who are always by their wives sides, no matter if there are problems or there are good times, are most desired by women. Especially, if their male partners don’t feel offended when their girlfriends achieve more successes in their lives. Those who offer their support only in case of problems can be a worse husband material, according to researchers.

He allows you to work

Women become more independent and resourceful nowadays, that’s for sure. That’s why they don’t want partners who will treat them only as housewives. A modern woman wants to be a good wife and mother but also dream about a successful job that will make her appreciated. Guys who don’t feel the need to accept this fact cannot be good husband materials. Scientists have proved that working women who can rely on their partners think about the divorce less often and that’s why such marriage is more prosperous.

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Money - really so important?

Women often dream of a man who is rich and resourceful. However, when they start the relationship, it turns out that wealth is not the most important factor. According to the scientists from Brigham Young University, the relationships that are not dominated by financial matters and conversations about money, have more chances to succeed. If money is not their priority then they appear to be more sensitive and eager to compromise.

Happy childhood

Did you have a carefree and generally happy childhood? If yes, then you also have a bigger chance to succeed as an adult and have more fortunate marriage than those experience a lot of hardship while being a kid. At least that’s what scientists from Cambridge are saying. Also, when your boyfriend tells you a lot of funny stories from his childhood and how happy he was as a little boy then your relationship has more chances to thrive and succeed. It’s good to appreciate what we had in past so encourage your boyfriend to tell about all his happy moments from the childhood. You will benefit from that!

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Emotions - show them or not?

Most women say that they want a courageous, strong and fearful man who will protect them from any dangers. That’s true, but women are also empathic and take into account others’ emotions. What do researchers say about this? Dr. John Gottman, an American professor, have discovered that couples in which men are responsive and can also show their emotions instead of hiding them, by all means, have a bigger chance to develop a happy and long-term relationship with less risk to get divorced in the future.

Shared flat - when?

Are you only 18 or 19 and want to move to your partner? Well, according to scientists from The University of North Carolina, you should wait a little bit more. It turns out that couples who decided to live together at a very young age have a bigger chance to divorce. There is a logical explanation for that - those people can be still too immature and unwise, that's why you may end up having serious conflicts and getting divorced. If you wait 4-5 years and the decision is seriously studied then your relationship can be also more successful.

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One simple trait golddiggers look: PAYCHECK
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I just cudnt read beyond the first point. acc. to which, since I got a sexy body, i shud have a fat ugly ***** as my wife? or even if the scenario was inverted, does that really make any sense? I mean "weight difference"?? what the fuck.
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