Published 2018-03-13
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Greedy ZODIAC signs ranked from least to most

People have various attitudes towards money. Some of them don’t care about them that much and seem to have more important priorities in their lives, however, there are also those who can even sacrifice their personal life and family just to have more and more money. It seems that it can be also influenced by zodiac signs! This article presents nine zodiac signs ranked from the least greedy to the most rapacious ones. You’d better check what attitude towards money your zodiac sign has.

9th place - Aries

Aries is this kind of zodiac sign that always wants to be the best at anything they do. It is also relevant to money. If you have a materialistic attitude to life then probably not to store more and more money in your bank account to afford something that you dreamt about. It’s simply to feel better and superior to others. Also, Aries is too proud to ask anyone to borrow them money. They rather prefer when others ask them for help, to lend them some cash and show others how rich they are. However, as Aries, you are not mean, on the contrary, you love sharing what you have with others and when it comes to buying presents, you are quite generous.

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8th place – Libra

You need a lot of money to live comfortably. You appreciate any luxury and comfort that money can provide you with so you don’t care how much you spend on such fancy things which make your life easier and more pleasant. You know that cash stored in the bank account cannot make you happier so you buy a lot, sometimes even too much. It is most relevant to women born under Libra who cannot wait to buy some new clothes or accessories just after they receive some more cash.

7th place - Scorpio

People born under Scorpio are sometimes materialists and mean. They don’t like spending their hard-earned money. However, some Scorpios who have bigger passions are quite determined to achieve their goals, may save up money to fulfill some big dream, e.g. to travel to some exotic place. You should know that when you ask Scorpio to lend them some money and you refuse to do it, then Scorpios will never forget. When you are in need later, you cannot count on their help.

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6th place– Gemini

People born under Gemini are not the most greedy signs but they can be very cunning sellers. They are able to sell tacky, cheap products for a big fortune! They have those features that the smartest and most sly cheaters have. However, they don’t know how to invest money. When they plan to buy something, they rarely think about the consequences. They may appear to be a little bit unwise and forgetful so even if they are greedy while selling, they tend to be silly while buying. They seem to need some guidance how to invest more reasonably.

5th place - Leo

People born under Leo sign behave like real kings. they love luxury and lots of money. You are sometimes just lucky and money comes to you even if you don’t put much effort to receive it. You love products of the best quality - clothes, jewelry, cars. You don’t hesitate to indulge yourself - spa, massage, expensive trips? Oh, you like it! You are a good businessman and know how to earn lots of money and you really need it as your lifestyle is quite demanding.

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4th place – Taurus

You know that you need money to feel secure and safe. It gives you more confidence and you don’t have to worry about any unexpected financial problems. You love saving money but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be generous. When someone else has trouble than you never refuse to help. And as you are resourceful and wise, you are always able to lend some cash. As Taurus, you can be also an excellent salesman as you have lots of bright ideas for successful business and know how to invest.

3rd place – Cancer

As a Cancer, you tend to be a materialist. You are most generous when it comes to helping your family or buying presents. However, you’d rather save up money in your bank account than buy any luxurious things for yourself. You want to earn more and more as it gives you more security and chances to invest your money. When Cancer starts a relationship, they are always the ones who care about financial issues. There’s no better person to deal with them!

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2nd place – Virgo

We have to admit that as a Virgo you know how to run your business and earn lots of money without much effort. However, you also tend to be cunning and mean when it comes to your finances and may not be eager to share what you have. However, the most greedy Libras seem to be men! They may tell you to pay for your things, not share the bills, even if you are in a relationship. So you probably can’t count on any fancy presents, maybe just something practical and not costing a big fortune.

1st place – Capricorn

Capricorn loves luxury, just like Leo. As a Capricorn, you probably dream about a fancy car, modern house, and lots of attractions. That’s why you pursue money to fulfill your dreams. Sometimes it seems too obsessive and making money is your biggest priority in life. When your family needs money, you are generous but still, you remain greedy. You don’t allow yourself to buy any useless and too expensive things. Instead, you’d rather count your money all the time and store it safely in your bank account.

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