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How to call for a predictive dream...

We all dream every night, although we do not always remember what about. This is the most natural, different state of consciousness. And it happens that dreams tell us what awaits us. How to cause such a predictive dream? The Spanish director Luis Buñuel, famous for making films about sleepy poetics, used to drink gin before going to bed. He was convinced that this liquor evoked interesting fantasies. Detective Poirot recalled a good, healthy sleep with a cup of warm cocoa.

The fact that you can have an influence on dreams everyone experienced when after waking up wished that an interrupted dream would come back and after falling asleep, experienced the interrupted story to the end. During research on sleep, scientists warmed up, chilled and poured water on patients. They wanted to determine whether clinical experiences were moving into the content of dreams. Some of the people dreamed that they were walking on snow or that they were under an icy waterfall. Those who have a hangover, while falling asleep, they often have the impression that they will suffocate.

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How to call for a predictive dream... 1

The rarest and most desirable dreams, of course, are those prophetic. People who experienced them, among others, were Buddha and Mohammed. They saw the future in them and received instructions on what should they do. They were called big journeys. In ancient Greece, pilgrims slept in the temples, waiting for the answers of the gods regarding spiritual and life problems, revealed to them in dreams.

How to call for a predictive dream... 2

In addition to this, according to the Slavic prophets, there is always the first dream in a new place, so it is worth remembering and noting this dream somewhere. But on the other hand, there are ways to recall them whenever we need knowledge about what awaits us. These techniques are derived from shamanism. To know more and to find out how to summon a prophetic dream, continue reading...

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How to cause a predictive dream? Ventilate the bedroom, change the sheets to fresh ones. Put a mirror and a container of water next to the bed, put a notebook to make a note of dream after waking up. Look in the mirror. Lie under the covers and relax. Ask a question you want to answer in a dream. After waking up, lie some more time with your eyes closed, trying to remember as many events and elements from your dream as possible. Note everything in your notebook.

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Prophetic dreams can also be recalled by placing a small bag with an appropriate blend of herbs and flowers under the pillow: a birch, jasmine, mint, yarrow, anise, clove, bay leaf and rose petals. Another method of inducing prophetic dreams is to make a drink brewed from rose petals, mugwort, mint, jasmine, and cinnamon before bedtime. People who are deep believers - let them pray for a dream that gives tips for solving problems or hints helpful in making strategic decisions.

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When we want to make the most faithful reproduction of our dreams that we dreamt, so-called list of its elements will turn out to be essential. This means emotions, people, activities, body parts, impressions, places, animals, plants, elements, smells, numbers, letters. The list should be repeated several times, trying to remember the dreams matching the individual points. Note that we should try to remind our dreams from the end...

How to call for a predictive dream... 6

Nightmares are good too. And what if instead of a prophetic dream we provoke a nightmare? Nobody likes such dreams. Because their content is fear and helplessness. Our lives are in danger. We are still working on the same ghostly scenarios: we lose our job, our husband betrays us, we cannot pass the exam, our house is burning, we are falling off the bridge, we are late for the bus... Or someone is chasing us - lurking monsters, demons. We wake up sweating, then full of fear. However, we should not be afraid of nightmares.

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Take a good look at nightmares. They show what we are afraid of, we do not understand, they release from blocked bad energy. In adult life, they appear most often when someone has a difficult childhood, is hypersensitive, suffers from feeling guilty, has complexes, neurosis, depression, and trouble. Bad dreams always say what we do not know about ourselves or do not want to know.

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They can be an impulse to solve the problems that most of the time were pushed and put aside for many years. It is worth it, because, according to what Carl Gustav Jung used to say, "what we deny in our inside, it will come back to us in the form of fate measures." How about your dreams? Do you dream what you want or maybe what you are afraid of?

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