Published 2018-03-13
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9 Reasons why a man looks for another woman

One of the main reasons why couple relationships end in failure is because of the appearance of jealousy and infidelity. When the trust becomes rather doubtful, especially if it is finally demonstrated that this attitude is more than justified, it is very complicated that nothing can be as it was before. It is therefore positive to know the possible reasons that would give our man the need to be with another woman and, therefore, to avoid them as much as possible. And if it falls, unless we can act fast and find someone who really values ​​us as we are.

1. They like the "forbidden"

We cannot blame anyone for liking the forbidden since it is precisely that word that causes us to shoot adrenaline. When it is decided to go beyond the limits of what is allowed, we begin to feel like authentic "bad guys", who decide what they want, when they want it and do not care about hurting the woman they, at least once, loved. To avoid this type of situation, it is best to foster a climate of sufficient communication to prevent these situations from being "unnoticed". We cannot do anything to avoid infidelities, but we must act as soon as we know of any of them.

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2. Always available

And it is precisely this quality, always finding oneself in a situation of well-being, without problems, radiant, which makes them more attractive to men. A lover will not find her with "clothes to be at home", without perfect makeup or messy hair in any way. Nor do they usually suffer from those strategic "headaches" that they hate so much. But above all, their relationships will always be artificial enough to hide what it truly means to be a real woman. The artificial life that they live in an infidelity prevents them from exposing themselves to very exciting situations.

3. Eternal youth

Most infidelities tend to occur with quite younger women, as this gives them a second-chance feeling for living in an era they might have considered lost. Of course, for both members of the "new couple", this situation could change drastically, because not always will he be so "young" or so "mature interesting". Possibly when the moment of passion ends, he could try to recover the experienced and mature woman who would do well won’t be available.

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4. For a change

Being able to be with a different person, with different tastes, with passions that could fit better with our boy, makes them feel much more alive than ever. Finding routines, dates that have to square and moments of cohabitation unrelated to day-to-day problems means that the normal and formal relationship is reduced to almost an obligation, being the moments with your lover those that truly allow them to enjoy. Again everything until the passion of the moment is over and discover what your true love is. The sensation that they experience is one of their biggest inducements.

5. Enjoy more in intimate moments

The extra excitement that supposes something forbidden, added to the fact that you can experiment with very different things, usually ends up generating much more satisfying intimate situations. We must also bear in mind that lovers usually live in a situation more focused on experiences and passion and less on feelings, since you know that, from the outset, it is most likely that they never pass this phase or almost never.

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6. Makes them feel "better"

Knowing that there is someone who loves them only for intimate moments, who enjoys them and loves them in a much wilder and more primal way than what they can get from their true partners makes them think they are much better. Although many know that it is something artificial, they do not mind being able to receive the adrenaline rush at the cost of a lie. They simply love to feel the "alpha male" and be able to enjoy that several women go out of their way for them. Even at the cost of losing all of them. Luckily, not all men come to take this step.

7. Less conflicts

A lover does not look for someone to vent her day-to-day routine or the problems that have appeared in the office. Simply try to find a way to escape from your daily life and do so through a more intimate than personal contact. This means that they will not need to fight, help or break their heads in the least. Everything happens in a simpler, more intense way and it is much easier to enjoy the moments of bed.

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8. Lack of attention

Above all the above, men who throw themselves into the arms of another woman are usually people who have been neglected by their partners, who no longer receive the same attention and who, far from trying to correct their situation, prefer to go by the easy way This is precisely the only option that we can really avoid, since sometimes we try to gain attention by ignoring them a little. Unfortunately, we can also get this other effect down the road or even lose them. But if this happens, we must be clear that it will be because we deserve a much better man.

9. Rediscovery of the even concept

Routine, trust and accepted norms create a close relationship to changes. When a man meets a lover, these fundamental pillars do not exist, being able to set very different limits. The fact that everything can be based on something perishable also means that she does not have to accept such strict principles and that they can be given more in the intimate field than in the personal one. This is where you can create a new corrected version of your life from the real world.

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