Published 2018-03-15
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12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you...

If you want to please your man or catch the attention of someone you like, you can. For example, resign from wearing makeup. Girls might find this strange, but most of the guys find it very attractive when they see a girl without makeup. You might be very confused by this, but it is a fact. Most of the men like to see the genuine you, not the improved adaptation of you. Despite the fact that nowadays there is a lot of cosmetics that can improve your look. Remember that an ideal man for you thinks seeing your delightful face is exceptionally engaging.

12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you... 1

When it comes to fashion, in today's times, people can decide to dress in the most appropriate way they want. On the other hand, just two decades ago this was not entirely correct. For various reasons, such as customs, cultures, personal respect, both men and women had to follow patterns related to the use of clothes. In this article, we will point out the 12 things that women normally use, but due to shyness, men do not dare to tell them. Are you ready? Here we go!

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12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you... 2

1. Winter boots with fur...
Women love this type of boots because it maintains the heat on the feet for a long time. However, in most cases, these boots smell bad and are dirty, for reasons of frequent use, among others.

2. The extravagant hair extensions...
It is not bad to put on a little more hair, but everything changes radically when there is an excessive amount. Besides running the risk of it falling in the middle of dinner with that attractive guy, the more you have, the more uncomfortable you will be. Value your natural hair!

3. Make-up in excess...
Girls on multiple occasions tend to overdo these creams and powders, but attention: boys do not like it. In addition, staying with make-up all day and forgetting to remove it causes serious problems for the skin, where we will not go into detail. Now you know! Try not to abuse the use of make-up.

4. Long dresses...
The design of most of these dresses is spectacular but does not fit the female silhouette, disfavoring in the figure of the woman. Try to find something that fits your natural shape and not just that is fashionable.

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5. Contact lenses...
It is mostly observed in girls at the age of adolescence, but it is equally popular for adults in different countries. One tip for girls is to learn to value their natural eye colour and not try to change them for the world.

6. Crown of flowers...
A number of females tend to buy beautiful flowers and make a type of crown out of them. The truth is that this option is viable, but they have to realize that, the flowers are beautiful and it can get withered easily!

12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you... 3

7. False eyebrows...
Without a doubt, no man likes when a woman passes a black pencil over her eyebrow. It's okay to take off some hairs, but please, do not overdo it on the full eyebrow.

8. The shine on the skin...
It should be noted that it is an old fashion of the 90's. For no reason at all, putting glitter on the skin, men are prone to think that it is an immature girl who does not have anything important to do.

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9. Excess of hair products...
Could you imagine? A man is going to touch your natural and beautiful hair, and a few seconds later, he finds a hard hair, sometimes wet. In men's opinion, it is unpleasant when women have their hair full of gel.

10. Lenses without glass...
We have a theory that this fashion was created by a 4-year-old girl. Please! Do not even think about wearing glasses without any glasses. It's not attractive, and the image of the woman diminishes considerably.

11. When they wear leggings like normal pants...
Girls, listen well! Leggings are not normal pants. Under no circumstances should girls incorporate the use of these in daily life. If it is something that men seem to hate more in life, related to women's clothes are undoubtedly leggings. Seriously, there is nothing worse.

12. False eyelashes...
Take care of your lashes in a healthy way, so you do not have to resort to other means to have them. If you did not take care of them and you have no other option, there is nothing to say. The best advice we can give you is that - do not leave them everywhere!

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Let’s be open about it. Men are visualizers, and when they see a beautiful girl in the street, their eyes linger on her for more than a few seconds. What if you wear that big oversized coat which looks like a tent or big, red wellingtons that make you look like a wading stork? What do guys truly think about such outfits? Fine feathers make fine birds - now we know the men's preferences to some parts of women clothing and appearance.

12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you... 4

We hope you have learned a little more about male psychology in the field of women's clothing and curiosities. Due to many factors, most of all - cultural, men say all these things, but you do not have to wait sitting until we tell you. We have done the hard work for you!

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12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you... 5
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12 Things men hate that women use, but they never tell you...
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